Filming + Party. Niagara Falls, June 10-11

Hey everyone, we can have a great weekend and get some wicked filming done!

This will not only be a great filming opportunity, but also a very fun time to hang out, camp (with tents, cabins, BBQ pits, and shower facities…the only kind of camping there is)

There is a KOA campground a few miles down the road from the Falls. We can get several ajoining sites (they have log cabins there as well as tent sites) ( )

There is awesome MUni riding around the escarpment, and lots of ability to ride in the main tourist area, as well. (up till a few hours after daybreak)There will be plenty of opportunity for all types of riding throughout the weekend, something for everyone!

On a side note, I am still looking for someone who is awesome at fluid street stuff for the movie, this would be a fantastic spot to show case such riding!

So please let me know your interest. There will be a small cost ($20?) to get the cabins, campgrounds, and wobbly pops, but you get a free movie out of the deal :wink:

Anyone interested? This is going to be purrrdy (also, if anyone ‘local’-hamilton, toronto, etc- wants to make a day trip out there with me beforehand, lemme know, I’ll be heading up there a few weeks early to check on lighting filming locations, etc…) (and we may as well get some filming done at that time while we’re out there…supper’s on me)

i love that camp ground ill try my best to get there…ill have to convince my familty to go but that shouldnt be to hard…they also have a cool little park on the grounds and some really awsome offroad stuff surrounding the grounds just beyond the fences. it should be awsome i hope i can go.

p.s. if anyone who happens to go is venturing through the hamilton area i may just need a ride if anyones intersted ill pay all gas to and from.

comw on people i cant be the only one who wants to go…that would make for some pretty boring filming

Joel burgess will be there, Carl Hoyer expressed an interest as well

yes i am almost completly, 75% positive that i will probaly definetly be able to go, I’ll just have to talk my parents into driving me

my parents said that if i can save up enough to supprot my slef for the weekend(food and stuff like that) then they will come up for the weekend with me.

I would love to go, but I live in Wisconsin. :frowning:

June 10th and 11th says you?

I might be able to go and maybe bring along my little Julien friend.

Give me a hollah on Emmm Esss Ennn

I ain’t no hollah back boy

ok i can fer shure go now…i talked my parents into it. but they may not come so i might still need a ride. so unless something dramatic happens between now and then i will be there bearing unis.

fantastic! I can give you a ride, I’ll be going right through there

ok when the time comes if i still need a ride ill drop you a line. i can pay for gas if needed.

Gas will cost you 3 nasty spills on video

so if i biff really hard 3 times i get to ride free?

If it’s on camera. Oh, and that would only get you THERE

ahhh ic…i dont kno about that…im to good to fall 3 timesmaybe once for the whole weekend lol yeah i can probly bail i whole bunch for the video…im not that good so i bail all the time.

I might be able to make it. If my parents let me drive up there.

Great idea Brian, I’m looking for a good excuse right now so I can make it! If we’re 2-3 people going from montreal or near, I’m in.

yay more people

ill be there in my heart