Filming, NY Nov 12,13 2005

Hey everyone,

I am going to be filming that weekend.

I really have no idea about it any further than that.

Any ideas? Anyone interested in coming out?

Any requests for NY scenes for the next movie?

Re: Filming, NY Nov 12,13 2005

Hey, Brian. That’s not a regular club date, but certainly I can schedule an extra session for anyone interested (you know where we meet – 122nd and Riverside Dr).

I was hoping you’d also be interested in shooting someone (me or Andrew D, for example) commuting in the city streets. This would require someone filming from a moving bike, I’d guess (which means two ppl on the bike – you can borrow my tandem!). That could make for some interesting shots of what it’s like to uni around NYC.

I’m up for other ideas, and I can get the word out, too, so more ppl might get back to you. Let me know if you’re interested so far.


wish I lived around you guys, that sounds fun. I’m jealous!

Re: Re: Filming, NY Nov 12,13 2005

It requires me riding a coker with a camera in my hand :slight_smile:

(as seen seen in other unicycle scenes such as every moving shot in TWNR other than when the camera was on the car)

that will look FANTASTIC!

Yes, that sounds great, I am very interested

Perhaps a club meeting one day, and the street riding the other

and central park

Great location

The Long Island Greenbelt is a great place to film some MUni. I already have between 8-12 riders once a month come to ride.

We can even do some UNIQUE MUni filming with my dog. We call it DUNI(dog MUni). I ride the trails with her every day. Very cool!

We also have a dirt bmx track.

I also have been hitting Central Park for some awesome rock trials. They have great rock formations.

Let me know if I can help.

Also, are you filming at CA MUni weekend?


Re: Filming, NY Nov 12,13 2005

You must track down the elusive BILLYTHEMOUNTAIN!

Re: Great location

We need to hit this stuff as well!

I will not be going to CA MUni

How about you and me and dave stone bring this to email and start organizing a schedule of some sort?

Dave, have you gotten my last emails?

Can you guys email me please? brian (at) LBMmultimedia (dot) com

Adam and Dave, did you get my emails about discussing this weekend further? (i never got a reply to my email, or my did you get this email)

Riding on the big rocks in southern Central Park. That was always a favorite of mine. Watch out for the broken glass…

Also any kind of interesting riding in front of scenic landmarks. Along the water’s edge, in front of Statue of Liberty, etc.

Brian, I thought I had your private e-mail. I guess I haven’t heard from you recently. Please feel free to write me at dstone at packer dot edu

That weekend should be a blast. I’ve seen Andrew ride that geared Coker – it’s sick. I’m not sure he’ll have it then, but certainly you can get him riding a regular Coker, and you have me and Adam for shooting.

See you soon!


Yeah, what’s going to happen Nov. 12 and 13? I don’t know if I can make it, but would like to. It would be good to see you again Brian, and meet new riders.

That sounds great John!

I’ll see if Jeff Groves can come and hop over it with his BC wheel

dave, email sent.

chrashing…hope we can meet again!

uni57…whaddya say?


I would be excited to know who i’ll get a chance to ride with again!

Unfortunately, I have to back this off until Dec 2,3

does this still work for those interested, mainly adam and dave?


I will be landing on long island friday at 11am, and leaving sunday night

if any one is interested in coming out, please contact David Stone or Justonewheel about places they have in mind for meeting up (sunday is an official NYUC at Grant’s Tomb ride)

OMG, I do live around you guys, I mean, I am one of those guy you wish you lived around, but… I’M GOING TO BE AWAY THAT WEEKEND. Probably in a place near some people who wished they lived around where I live. Arrrrgggghhhh!!!

Brian, I am so totally upset that I’m going to miss you (and Mrs. Sofa too?). You’ll just have to come back real soon, eh?

by the way, I’ll be at this

Greg Harper – what’s the opposite of the word awesome? I need an equally awesome word that works in the opposite direction.

That would be BOGUS, dude, totally bogus.

It’s so totally BOGUS that I’m going to miss an AWESOME opportunity to hang out with Brian.

Shots with multiple riders doing different lines in the one ‘zone’. Although I already expect you to do something like that. :slight_smile:


Oh no, sorry Dave! :frowning: (Mrs Sofa is not coming, I will be coming with Joel instead (the BC wheel guy from TWNR)

(Turns out she would rather watch the edited versions of my big wipeouts, not standing 3 feet away)

Greg, Bogus is the opposite of Excellent, not Awesome.

Now, put them in the Iron Maiden