Filming: North Bay Ontario, Oct 1,2

Who would be interested in coming to North Bay for a weekend of filming?

Ideal candidates will love a combination of fast, technical, rocky MUni trails, and we can also get out to some incredible natural Trials much cooler (and VERY spectacular)than in TWNR. The trails are mostly ups and downs, you will want some MUni stamina for sure)

All interested parties should all bring lights as well, seeing as we’ll be riding for two days.

I would suggest this trip being worth even an 8 hour drive or more.

trail wise? I think this will be the coolest scene in the movie

(there are so many awesome trails there that i was not able to bring Leeanne and twig to in TWNR as she had bronchitis soooo bad we could only shoot in a relatively close spot to the car, or just me and a tripod)

Sounds awsome, be sure to do something good with the footage.

how far is da shizzle from Montrealizzle?


North Bizzle is aprizzal 4 hizzles from Ottawizzle

The gears are already spinnin! I have done a lot more filming and have alot better/more filming equip now :slight_smile:

Not to mention I have now 2 video editing workstations at home, and 500GB of space to play with (sigh, when will THIS one fill up :()

4 hizzles from Mtl, so like… 6 hizzles from Sherbrooke. Izzle?

Oh yeah, what kind of accomodations are available? :wink:

my mom’s backyard can probably fit 5 tents

bbq and showers, her house it a 2 min uni ride to the trails :slight_smile:

Nice! All I have to do is convince my Boss (ie, girlfriend) to let me go :wink:

Have you explained to her that you would like to be in a unicycle movie sometime where your single appearance isn’t falling into someone?

Nick, if you’re going and passing by Montreal then could I come along? and have sing-alongs??

I’ll ask Vince if he wants to go… he might… but then again… he’s a busy man…

edit: 4 hrs from ottawa meaning 6hrs from Mtl meaning 8 hrs from Sherbrook.

I tried explaining it to her, but since I’m going to NY this weekend, I dunno if I’ll be able to get away :wink: Owen, if I go, you’ve got a ride :smiley:

I’m going to bump this. Brian NEEDS people to come.

True dat :wink:

There’s 3 people in for sure, so that is technically enough for a really cool scene, but the more the merrier.

There will be 3 main rides, you can either show up for the duration, or any one of them.

All day Sat, MUni (coker or muni)
At night: Huge Bonfire and Nightride (coker or muni)
All Day Sun, Natural Trials (trials or muni)


There are now indoor accomodations (bring your sleeping bags)

Please PM me or respond to this thread.

This is gonna be awesome!


Where and when? I might be able to make it. Dave

Hey Dave, that’s great! The trails are right by my mom’s house, so we can start/stop rides all day long, depending on who shows up when :slight_smile:

Hope you can make it!

North Bay Directions: go to and type in “93 johnston rd, north bay, ontario, Canada”

Phone # there 705-495-4013 , my cell phone 519-520-1548

I have room in my car between London and NorthBay for 2 more riders. I am leaving london frday night at 8

call my london number if you need a ride, 519.451.3558

SWEET !, I may come with owen

Im happy