Filming: Natural Trials, Hamilton Oct 17, still on

Hey everyone, just a reminder that we are meeting for a natural trials ride in Hamilton for DVD shooting of natural trials.

This is at the gorge at the escarpment. Very scenic lines, and backgrounds, bring a MUni, a Trials Uni, or Both, we will be only 10 mins or so from parking, and staying in pretty much the same locatation for the whole shoot (every shot, and line you would want can be found here)

Every one who rides this type, don’t worry about skill level, please come out and spend as long as want there.

Looks like there are about 5 people in currently.


(please wait till Spickydoo or another Hamilton local is kind enough to post directions to the parking lot at the top of the Chedooke Golf course)

We start filming at 10, and are shooting for 3+ hrs

Hope to see you then!

here are the directions to the parking lot.
When on highway 403 take the aberdeen exit. go through 1 set of lights and under a bridge. immediately after the bridge turn right on bedoe drive. follow the road up to the clubhouse. everyone should be at the far end of the parking lot farthest from the golf club. Have fun.:slight_smile:

please note that only helmetted riders will be featured in the dvd, thanks