Filming: Natural Trials, Hamilton, Oct 10 or 17

Well, I cannot believe how cool the scenery along the escarpment is, there is a very cool area that I absolutely need to get back to.

I have 1/2 a scene’s worth from here, but it could easily fill a whole scene, it’s natural trials in spectaculare scenery.

Me, Joel, and Roman (contender) went this past weekend and had an incredible time.

We didn’t discover this till later, so could not spend much time there, I need to get back.

This scene will look cooler with each additional rider, trials uni’s would work, but muni’s worked great too, whatever you are more comfy on…it’s not that far from civilization, so you could bring both should you want.

I will be back there at 10 oclock either Oct 10 or 17, which ever gets more of a response. If no one cares eitherway, we’ll make it for Oct 10.

This area has stuff suitable to average riders to fantastic riders, and everything looks incredible.

Email me or reply to this thread with a preferred date, I will set the solid date by Sept 30.

If you are familiar with Hamilton, I am talking about the gorge up on the escarp by the golf course.

Any distance travelled to get to this shoot will be VERY worth it.

(contender or Joel can attest to the shear awesomeness of this setting)


natural trials and muni

brians right i had a great time ! besides the the ass bruising bail i had . also the 10 , 11 is thanksgiving so maybe the 9th would be better or the 17th

good call, 17th it is

Yeah, sounds like a plan.Is that the Chedoke Golf Course? Let me know, i’m sure i can round up a few guys.

it is in fact chedoke golf course.

As far as I know I’ll be free so count me in for sure.