Filming MUni

WELL, i’m looking to film/edit/release a pure MUni video sometime in the future. My reasoning for this is: there is very little MUni in the galleries. also, why should i post my freestyle/trials when there are tons of people who do that waaay better than i do. after a couple days of filming with the MUni (i’m lucky enough to have a friend who is an eager cameraman - voulenteer filming) i have… 5 seconds of worthwhile footage, tops. Filming MUni is a PAIN IN THE ASS.
it’s either a follow shot where the cameraman
a)yells “i can’t run that fast” as i take off. (trying to look good for the camera
b)trips on a root and falls down.
(not making those up)
or it’s a 3hour per mile set up the camera, ride up, past, out of sight, repeat. process that is just a pain.

HOW DO YOU film efficiently while producing somewhat steady video that conveys both rider technique and terrain difficulty? Is that even possible?

My advice is to get the person filming on a bike or something for faster transport to locations and down trails. Also, play around with keeping the camera still rather than following the rider down the hill. This isn’t always possible to do depending how dense the vegetation is, but if you can manage it, it allows the viewer to see how steep it really is by more clearly noticing how far the rider drops per pedal rev.

I love muni videos.


yeah a complete muni video would be cool, let us know how it comes along.
If your riding a track or something you could film you doing a section of the track, as much as the camera can see without much hassle, then stop filming and uniing, move the camera and ride the rest of the trail, this way you’ll see the hole trail, but broken down. I dunno just an idea.
I also think with muni its cool to have the camera at quite a low angle, looking up at the rider, it just looks cool, especialy with drops, makes them look bigger.


another thing you can try (and that I will also try for my upcoming muni/trial video) is a “klemmstativ”(german) …

just look at the to get an idea - now think about mounting your cam on the horizontal park of your fork … tata - you got the angle for IntoTheThunderDragon …

cu werner

Another thing that could come in handy is some research. Watch MANY skate, unicycle, and MTB videos, and don’t pay any attention to the action. Just try to figure out how they film each shot.

Another thing you might want to try is shooting the same scene repeatedly from different angles. You’ll notice that in a number of the UniVerse (1 or 2) scenes, you’ll see different cameramen in the shots shooting the same thing. That’s so they can splice the angles together to show the entire action, but from different angles.