filming: Kingston, Ont, Oct 23, all styles

Hey everyone, just a reminder that filming for the DVD will take place in Kingston on Oct 23 (sat) at 10am.

We will meet at the Fort by RMC (I will confirm and post directions)

The scenery and lines in Kingston will allow for riding of any style, Muni, Street, Trials…

Hope to see you there, there are 3 confirmed riders to date.

please post here or email me if you are interested

Thanks, see you then!


Interested…I’ll keep you posted.

I just noticed my conflicting times…my first post said 9 oclock, this one says 10…let’s go for 10

See you then!


please note that only helmetted riders will be featured in the dvd, thanks


Me and 3 other people will probably be coming down from Ottawa.


That’s great!

Me and Spickydoo are for sures, I’ve also heard a few other maybe’s

Directions: Hwy 401 to Exit 623 (Hwy #15).Travel south to the end of the road (inter. Hwy #2)Turn right (west) turn left at Lundy’s lane (i believe it’s LL, look for long uphill road going up to the fort, we’ll be at the bottom of this road, at 10am…if you are a little late, go on up to the fort)

We will ride by the fort, and then by queen’s U

oops, posting from a different comp…still set to sofa

I’ll come down, see you at 10 am.
Cheers Dave