filming equipment :)

okay, so it’s not a unicycle but it’s linked to unicycling,
this thread is to give advice and post reviews about their filming equipment :slight_smile:
i like this…

is their a unicyclist that can say they’ve used it? and can tell me what they think?

I havent used one but want one as they are meant to be really good, (it was $110) really keen to get one tho

I’m sure a simple $20 or so flexible tripod will serve you just as well as anything else unless you’re professional or have cash to burn.

I got a $1 tripod, it’s only 6" high but it’s good enough to hold my camera! What I like about it is that it’s small and really light so I can bring it with me when I go unicycling.

yehh, i have the cheapest possible tripod, and very old digital camera, but i figured this could be pretty cool, i mean you could have it on the frame pointing at the wheel :slight_smile: save alot of money on those bullet camera’s

The gorillapod is great, take it on every ride

The gorillapods suitable for compact cameras, videos etc are light, small and fit in a camelbak easily. Nothing near $100 for that size, and there are also a bunch of cheaper gorillapod copies.

Search for Gorillapod on ebay - should be able to get something super cheap.

a lot of stuff in here.