Filmers Discussion Thread

currently i’m using a $100 nikon L14 digital camera that records VGA quality (640x480 @ 30fps) i don’t want anything better really, the lines i get from top to bottom could go, but they aren’t bad enough to spend 3-5 times the amount and get a slightly better video camera… and have to haul it around

no tripod

windows movie maker

you don’t need a video editing program, though it would be nice… reallly nice.

Pinnacle Studio plus or ultimate would be better than WMM but still not as good as some other, but you can get them from Bestbuy or Futureshop for under $100.

@isaac-heres a link to the fisheye

try looking on ebay their cheaper there…it fits 37mm lens, if its bigger than that you will need a step up or step down ring

has anyone tried the mac mini desktop?

I would not call that a video production machine. But hey they are cheap and better then most PCs. You may have issues when you want to upgrade.

Guys can we stop flaunting our HardDrive space. Yes you need a bunch for filmmaking but it has no real value. Its like saying I have the biggest shoes size, 13, I can fit alot of feet in there. Brands of externals is of some use. I also use LACIE.

I guess I should have put in some pictures of my stuff before.

i like the ducttape thrown in there, that is funny.
anyways, i don’t see a point in having anything better than i do for internet videos. if they were going to be played in a theater or something like that… then i could see, but for videos you are seeing no profit from? whats the point?

Wheres your stedicam, thats what I want to see!

haha its either that or a pc. i will probably end up getting a pc for now. im gonna hafta work my tail off tho:o

Im taking donations, haha. Soon to come, I hope by summer time.

@isaac-heres a link to the fisheye

try looking on ebay their cheaper there…it fits 37mm lens, if its bigger than that you will need a step up or step down ring

Thanks, how do you know what size your lens is? like on my camera lens it says f=2.3~64.4mm 1:2.0 funny symbol 27

Hey but a great set-up anyway. I am really jealous of your uneed empire. I still vouch for macs in that I would never use another OS or software for my editing needs. In fat I am torrenting FCS2 as we speak.

you probably have a 64.4 mm lense then. unless you have a filter on it then youl prolly need a stepdown ring…37mm->64.4mm

i think:p

[quote=“isaac steiner”]

Isaac. Consider getting a wide angle conversion lens in addition to a fish eye. It will give you a good in between angle that isn’t quite as extreme as the fisheye and not nearly as flat as without a conversion.


also dont think longlens isnt good either, because it’s awesome! you can be really creative in your paning and zooming with a longlens (also never wanna zoom with a fisheye) and watch out for vignetting(black corners) with a fisheya also

Okay thanks Levis:p.

ummm well does it have to do any thing with measuring from one side of the lens to the other side?

Should I take a close up for you guys of my lens?

Edit: I dont mind black corners spoonthumb.

thats what the measurment is, width of the lens i believe. A closeup would be great. If you get me a closeup ill find you the right rings you need…:o

Whoa dude, you have a tail? what is going on there, thats messed up man.

Okay I will do just so, hold on I will take a quick pic.

someone sig that! I meant i am going to hafta work hard:p

EDIT: 1000th post!

How are you gonna get around the serial number issue?

okay i just found a kinda close up online…