Filmers Discussion Thread

I’ve been thinking about making one of these for a while. So here it is

Discussion should involve…

-Were you would like to see uni filming go…
-Post Production

alrighty…my setup is…

-panasonic pvgs320
-kenko fisheye
-tamrack bag
-veldbon tripod w/fluid head

heres a picture with the fisheye

My setup:

  • Panasonic NV-GS 230
  • I’ve got no fisheye… Would love to have one.
  • Samsonite bag
  • Hama tripod
  • Sony Vegas 7.0d

hows vegas?

you should pick up a kenko, i only paid 25 bucks for mine…an its really wide

Here is my setup…

  • JVC GR-D347U Camcorder
  • No Fisheye lense…Might buy one soon.
  • Viola PV-13TG Tripod
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 and Adobe Premiere 4


alrighty…my setup is…

-panasonic pvgs320
-kenko fisheye-tamrack bag
-veldbon tripod w/fluid head


That Kenko fisheye lense…can you give me the link to it? Also does it fit like and camera?

I’ve got a Samsung that was like $300. don’t know the model name and don’t really care.

I haven’t been able to do much filming/riding in a long time… I usually just film myself with a tripod.

Adobe Premiere Elements is a great program.

-Panasonic PVGS320
-I don’t feel like checking the name of the tripod I have, as it really doesn’t matter
-iMovie 4

I am defently getting a newer version of iMovie soon, and eventually a new computer so I can get a more professional program. I also have been thinking about the Kenko Fisheye.

I would love it if somebody would put together a big colaberation video where a bunch of people from the forums would send footage and a very nice person would edit it all into about a 45 min. video.



-Canon XHA1
-Century Optics “fisheye” WA HD lens
-Tripod that is curently held together with duct tape
-Mac book - 2 GHz intel duo 2
-FCP stuido (about to make the upgrade to 2)

Soon to have:
-Sony HDR-CX7 or HDR-SR8 (unless I sell my canon then I would go with the sony V1p or whatever its called.
-Century Optics “ultra fishey” WA HD lens (for my canon)
-Glide Cam
-The fastest desktop mac I can afford.

Sony cybershot 6.0 mp :stuck_out_tongue:

My setup:

  • Panasonic NV-GS 60 (Cheap, but does the job quite nicely)
  • No fisheye at the mo. Might get one in the US next year if I can find one the right size
  • Hama bag
  • Velbon CX-530 tripod (Really nice)
  • Homemade steadicam :smiley:
  • WMM

Soon to have Adobe Premiere Elements 4 (or just Premiere, don’t know which. What’s the difference?)

Does anybody here use or know anything about Final Cut Express 4? I was just looking at it and I realized that my computer could support it.

I might get it, I just need to find out if it is any good.

-Canon ZR 85
-.5 wide angle lens (a cheap one from best buy)
-HUGE battery w/ awesome life!!!
-a few nice straps
-two crappy tripods that skweek and i have to delete sound if they are being moved.
-Nice Giottos mono pod i got from my aunt for x-mas (she is a photographer for a side job)
-some $100 dollar version of Sony Vegas
-Some off the wall comp thats OK

Soon to Have:

-Dell XPS 420 w/ awesome graphics/video card and what not
-Adobe Premiere, or the like software(haven’t decided yet, but something of professional(or close:p ) level:D

  • i also want a nice(professional, HD) camcorder, but the computer and my truck come first:p

Final Cut express is very adequate even if you are relatively experienced editor. I believe it can even support HD editing and timecode (not 100% sure about the timecode). I used to use the older version of express and was very happy with it. It is simply final cut pro with fewer non essential features (especially for unicycle videos) and somewhat less rendering capabilities and realtime playback. For the money express is a great buy. You can get it for super cheap if you buy it preloaded on a new mac :).


Great idea for a thread! I am a student at Ryerson Film school in Toronto streaming to be an non-linear editor. I used to go out and shoot and produce whole movies myself, but in the industry one person rarely has complete creative control over the whole movie, even small budget ones. So if anyone has some footage they would like edited (like trials or flatland) but do not have the technical means to edit, I would love to try editing unicycling videos.

I use:

24 inch Imac 2.8 GHZ intel core duo extreme
+15 inch dual monitor for viewer
several external and one internal 500gig HD

I use a Sony Handy cam DCR-HC21. with a Wide anlge conversion lens from sony, a cheap tripod from radioshack, and a Mac Mini running iMovie HD, and a 500GB external harddrive from LaCie… I have put my camera through Hell… gotten it soaked in the rain on a coker trip, dropped it from about 5 feet up onto concrete, fallen on it, sat on it, and recently I dropped it onto some stairs and managed to break the eyepeice(viewfinder) off… kinda sad, camera still works great though I’m looking to upgrade soon this camera wont last forever.

o yeah i have a 500 GB external HD i got for x-mas, nice for room, but it doesnt make my comp any better

what are the pros and cons of the following (compared to each other):
Avid Liquid 7.0

Adobe Premiere_Pro_CS3

Sony Vegas Pro 8

thanks for any help.

other suggestions are open

Is there anywhere to get these programs a bit cheaper? What would be a $100~ editing program for the total noob?

Try Ebay. Sometimes people buy a bunch of copies when they first come out and sell them on Ebay. My aunt bought a few copies of photoshop like this and it was never used, had all the paperwork and she was able to register it and everything…



lets all go illegal when FREE wmm has made some very well put together unicycle videos… and does almost everything you would ever want it to.