[Film] 2006-09-10

Me and Klas went for a ride last Sunday. We brought a camera with us, here is the resullt! It is 2:30 long.

There are two different versions one MOV and one WMV.
2006-09-10.mov 17mb
2006-09-10.wmv 18mb

The music is a swedish hip hop band called Snook.

Hope you enjoy watching cuz I certainly enjoyed filming and editing it.
As always, constructive criticism is appreciated.


film preview.jpg

Nice Felix!

Hur fan vågaru droppa ner till skinnyn? klarade du det på första försöket?

The trials lines are awsome! I like the smoth ups from the guy with the KH trials. Which frame is the other guy using?

http://enhjulingsfolket.se/uploads/13545/4495b1fd-00.jpg http://enhjulingsfolket.se/uploads/13545/4495b1fd-01.jpg
‘‘custom blizzards’’ home made

Oooh. :sunglasses:
isnt it hard?

Woah, that was so good. Smooth and awesome lines.

sweet!. how high is your side hop?

that was awesome! especially that drop onto the rail!
i was all “no way, he isnt gonna - omg he did!”

that was good!

same sentiments about the rail as in the post above by ice_cold.

that was really cool. i like the footplant down the stairs.

really awesome video felix. i dont get to talk to you much anymore, but its good to see youre just getting better and better! awesome video, you both were smooth, it was one of the best videos ive seen in a while.:slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments :slight_smile:

manon1wheel: My highest measured side hop is 83 cm.