** Many of you will recall Angie Guinid, the first and only Filipino competitor
at UNICON X. Her efforts and her successes in Beijing have received a string of
praise from Filipino groups and newspapers ever since the end of UNICON X.

** The lesson here is that although Angie was only a “LEVEL 2.5” IUF Rider, she
still went, she saw, and she conquered … making colorful impressions and
friends along the way!

** You can too!! if you only believe in yourselves and STAY ON TOP!!

)–/===O Angie Guinid’s Unicycling Feats receive Official Recognition


Today, (as we only read it today)

Angie Guinid of Lagawe, Ifugao, Philippines was praised in the September and
October issues of the “Kiangan Star” (Kiangan, Ifugao) by Provincial Vice
Governor Robert B. Mangyao as an “Ifugao Hero.”

Together with another Ifugao medalist from the Sydney Para-Olympics, Miss
Adeline Dumapong, Angie was praised in the October issue of the “Star” for
bringing a “mountainful of honor and pride to the province of Ifugao.”

The article about Angie’s 3 - medal haul at UNICON X (September issue) took up
the entire page of the newspaper, and displayed four large photos of Angie’s
Unicycling achievements in Beijing!

The writer of the article was particularly impressed at Angie’s having not only
brought honor to the Philippines, but especially to her native province of
Ifugao! (having performed in Ifugao ethnic attire and native music from Grace
Nono in winning one of her medals!) Angie single-handedly represented the
Philippines at UNICON X, with funds derived from her own unicycle performances
and personal savings. She received no official sponsorship or funding.

>From the province which hosts the Ifugao Rice Terraces "The so-called 8th
Wonder of the World," Angie was depicted atop her unicycle on another "Wonder of
the World; The Great Wall of China. The caption read, “Angie Guinid, the first
Filipino to Unicycle the Great Wall!”

Aside from these, Angie’s feats were equally recognized at the national level
with one article each in the October 16, 2000 edition of the “Manila Bulletin”
as well as in the October 17, 2000 edition of the “Kabayan.” (thanks to the
efforts of the F.U.N. attorney Ruby Ruiz-Bruno in Manila) Angie and Attorney
Bruno continue in their efforts to formalize F.U.N., and to spread the word to
all FUN-LOVING Filipinos everywhere about this unique sport.

Angie has truly earned all the kudos she has received, and shall stand as an
example that with determination, any Filipino can be a “World Class Competitor.”

Angie is currently training other aspiring, young Filipino unicyclists in both
Hong Kong and in Ifugao, and plans to lead a larger Filipino Team to the next
international games (UNICON XI) which take place in Seattle, Washington USA in
August, 2002!

Also, Miss Guinid’s F.U.N. is planning interesting mountain unicycling (MUNI)
rides in Ifugao in order to attract other international unicyclists to the
splendid, mountain terrain and cultural splendors of Ifugao!

Hooray for Angie, and for the F.U.N. spirit!

Steve Dressler - Angie’s Coach )–/===============O

Co-Founder - “The Filipino Unicycling Network” F.U.N. Founder - “The
Unicycling Society of Hong Kong” U.S.H.K. First Ever Foreigner to Unicycle the
Great Wall (1986)

                     o/  "We unicycle for F.U.N." /S