Fiance learning

I have been riding for a LONG time, still pretty much a few drops and some Muni, cant ride backward or idle (rather ride instead of practice) and I taught her son to ride and got him a Nimbus 24" Trials.
She bought me a Torker 5 foot Giraffe for my birthday :smiley: :sunglasses: . After seeing all the fun we have shes decided to learn. So heres where I call on your help: :o

Do I teach her by staying with her like I did for her son and the other kids I taught, or leave her be with just some saddle time and a few tips in order to save any arguments??? :thinking:

well she might get angry if you just hand her a uni and say have fun if you actually taught the kid. :smiley:

I’d say you should just hand her a unicycle and give her some tips. Maybe for the first session you could stay with her, but I know that when I was learning, I hated it when people watched me.
The beauty of unicycling is that you don’t really need another persons help to learn. In less than 5 hours someone might be able to ride down to the street corner without any prior help or training.
Also, a kid that is maybe more reliant on others and easily frustrated may need the extra push of a teacher standing next to them. An adult will be more independent.

How about ask her :wink:

Stay with her till she’s feels comfortable going solo.

The only thing worse than trying to learn something new with someone you love is trying to teach someone you love how to do something.

It’s up to how she feels about it – but make sure she knows that you are perfectly willing to teach her or to find some person who will teach her if that’s her preference. She needs to hear that you’re not copping out on teaching her, and also that you won’t take it wrong if she decides to have someone else to get mad at while she’s trying to learn.

Oh, and get her a good book on learning uni, like Gregg Vivolo’s “Ride the Unicycle – A Crash Course.”

Either way, best of luck to the both of you!

I’ve just got the download version of this book. Not had a good look through yet but what I have seen seems pretty good so far.

I’ve taught my girlfriend how to uni. The way I did it, we held hands (with both hands). I stood in front of her and walked backwards as she held my hands and slowly rode as I led her. After a while, we moved faster, and then we let go with one hand, then, we let go altogether and she’d ride a few revolutions and fall. After many upd’s, she can ride now. This method of holding hands was fun, rather than frustrating. Just never become critical, and always be supportive offer tips, but do not force them. And stay patient. You won’t bicker this way.