FHM UK article...

Has anyone read the April 04 FHM UK? There’s an article on the Bombardier Embrio, but it begins with
“… There’s nothing remotely cool about a unicycle. Clowns ride them. And so do street artists who smell… who mug old ladies… who eat filthy wild rats for their tea. … Unicycles are not good”

Can you believe it?! The rest of the article just talks about the Embrio.

I think everyone should email general@fhm.com and defend our sport!!! I’v just mailed them, saying they should try to get hold of one of the top uni people like Kris Holm for an interview and find out what can be done on a unicycle!

Ok ive wrote my complaint about it. I dont mind people making comments but thats just wrong.


… very wrong

Writes complaint


message sent,with very un-clown like picture attached.

Based on what I know about FHM, someone should send them one of Darren’s girlie t-shirts. That’s their level and it will be readily understood and more than likely give them a more positive view of unicycling.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Complaint in the sent-ness mode!

That’s shocking, I just asked them to give us a chance to show them it was cool and told them to interview Kris Holm.

I also sent them the link to Under No Influence, because that’s just an awesome movie so maybe they will see what it’s all about.

Message sent. I pointed them to sykpproductions.com

another email sent…

Re: FHM UK article…

i ride a unicycle and i’m a street artist who smells, but i’m vegetarian and make enough monney from drunken fhm readers that i rareley need to mug old ladies.

i’m not too keen on the right wing undertones though. thats the kind of thing that they should be carefull of, not thinking unicycles are cool is hardly a crime, but associating street perfomers / traveling flok in general with crime is quite inexcusable.
given that white working class males are the most violent group in our society (u.k.) its pretty poor form to try and blame hippy travelers for street crime.
i think there just a bit too much racism inherent in this quote. directed against romanies in particular.
it betrays a complete lack of human understanding in the author.

i’ll never buy FHM again, (like i ever did.)

Re: FHM UK article…

Sounds like the writer has probably had some bad experiences (childhood?) and this is the jerk writers reaction … sorry ;)… writers knee jerk reaction.