Fewest posts per day

I suspect that I am the person with the lowest posts/day. Or, at least, those with posts lower than me will not see this and/or be afraid of posting lest it raise their posts/day. So, my join date is 10/20/2005 and I have 14 posts. That’s 0.03 posts per day. I challenge anyone to top that.

I’m sure there are some people who have registered and never posted, or posted once.

I lose because I have 8 posts/day. I have slowed down, it used to be higher. :roll_eyes:

So I just realized that that’s in the wrong forum. I’ll chalk that up to my lack of postingness. AND that last post didn’t change my posts/day. woot.

(I hope this one doesn’t either)

I have quite a few a day because of MR and postathons.

I am maybe the person with the most posts and a posting rade les than 1 per day :).

How many posts and what rate? so someone can compare.

Look at his profile. He has 1,007 posts and 0.61 posts/day.

There are like, hundreds of people who register and don’t post. I think.

I don’t really understand that, what’s the point of registering if you aren’t going to post?

I think maybe to become 1 of us. :smiley: :smiley:

You don’t have to post to enjoy the forums, I read these forums for over a year before I registered to post.

thats exactly what i mean, I read the forums for about two weeks before i registered because i had something to say. Registering doesn’t help you read, it helps you post.

(I am talking about people who register and don’t ever post, not the people who register and post once or twice.)

Registering does help you read. When you’re registered, the threads you haven’t seen are highlighted and you can jump to new posts without too much fuss.

I probably have one of the highest post rates on this forum. It’s funny, because when I first registered I didn’t think my post count would ever get bigger than a thousand.

That is true, if I were adivising someone new I would say register immeadiately but don’t post anything for a few months, get a feel for the forum’s rules and some of the characters in it. I didn’t post because i was too shy, and I didn’t feel that I had opinions or information that would be of benefit to the threads. A year later I’d been riding a lot more and had learnt loads from the forum, I started to see threads where I’d think “now I deffinitely know the answer to that question” and no-one else has posted it. That was what got me to register, seeing someone who needed information that I had, and being otherwise unable to help them.