Few questions about unicycles


I’ve learned to ride now, and feeling confident, and want to move on something else now. I want one of the following; giraffe unicycle, two wheeled unicycle or a 36er

I’ve seen all different brands of unicycles, and I was wondering
Is there is much of a difference between Qu-Ax, Nimbus and Kris Holm?
Or are Nimbus much better quality than qu-ax for example? Because I’ve got a Qu-ax profi and they are much cheaper than a nimbus alternative, and Kris-Holms are much more expensive than all the others.

I might want a two wheeled unicycle instead. (one one top of the other wheel) after being banned from riding anything with one wheel, so why not get a two wheeled unicycle?
Are two wheeled unicycles easy to learn?
Can you just get straight on one but just pedal backwards?

I’ve only ridden a 20" unicycle, nothing bigger or smaller
Is going from a 20" to a 36" to big of a difference?
and also;
Do you have to learn to ride a 36" or is it more of a case of just getting used to a bigger wheel?

Thanks, a few questions but is it appreciated!

A giraffe is a good thing to have for a parade or for showing off (especially to non-riders, as riders know that a giraffe is easy to ride) but otherwise pretty useless. A two-wheeler (stacked) is also good for showing off, but then especially to riders, as most riders know that two-wheelers are difficult to ride. A 36’er OTOH is a nice vehicle to cover distances, and as useful as a unicycle can be.

If prices were equal or money was no concern, I’d pick Kris Holm. But Qu-Ax and Nimbus are also very well-designed and well-made unicycles. Each of these brands is a good buy.

Huh, banned from riding anything with one wheel? :thinking: Can you explain/elaborate?

No, they are difficult to learn. It’s like learning to ride all over. I don’t know how it would be for a beginner, but once you can ride a normal uni (like you can), a two-wheeler is really counter-intuitive.

It’s a big step from 20" to 36", although not nearly as difficult as going from one wheel to two. It’s a matter of getting used to, and might take an hour to begin feeling at ease on the bigger wheel. If you would have long cranks on the big wheel (150 mm or longer), it would help the transition.

You’re welcome.

Long story short, a teacher didn’t like it because I was on the road (there is no path) and she couldn’t overtake me because there where cars on the otherside.

Also because I do make it look really hard sometimes, E.G being wobbly, make it look like I’m gonna fall off (Im in total control) and wave my arms around. Someone phoned the school and complained, and they think is is unsafe. I tried explaining that I puropusly do that and thats what they do in the circus, but they wouldn’t have it.

Oh OK. (Well not really, I mean a teacher not being able to overtake you… so what - is she setting the rules on what you can ride?).

But then again the two-wheeler (with stacked wheels, not a bicycle) will be more unsafe. Before you can learn, it will be “banned” too.

Get a mountain Uni and then you can ride where there is no path. It’ll probably be safer than riding on the road, and also more fun.

A three wheeler looks more impressive to non riders but would be easier. The 2 wheeler is hard because you pedal backwards to go forwards. So hard to learn and going back and forth w/regular unis.

unicycle fun

I absolutely love riding my 36", in fact I just got another one. I upgraded to a nimbus nightfox and its wonderful!

Giraffes are also very fun and not too hard to ride. I’ve got a 5ft, 6ft, and a 3 wheeler 7ft.

I’ve been riding for 11 years and of all the unicycles I’ve ever owned, I disliked the 2 wheeler the most. It’s very hard to learn and I really busted up my knees while working with it. If you’re interested in multiple wheel unicycles, i highly suggest a 2 wheel. You can always remove a wheel to make it a 2 wheeler, but 3 wheels is way easier and fun to look at! :slight_smile:

As long as you are not on school grounds, they can’t make you do anything. If drivers dictated what you can/can’t ride on the road, there wouldn’t be any bikers either. I’ve had far more negative experiences with drivers while on a bike.

Now, please don’t take offense to what I’m about to say next :).

I personally try as hard as I can to make unicycling ‘cool’. I hate the stigma that surrounds them, and am quick to put anyone who calls me a clown in their place.

If you’re riding down the road looking like you’re going to fall off on purpose, it’s understandable that drivers would be concerned for their safety as well as yours. Also, you’re not doing our sport any favors. It’s actions like this that get us banned from the roads altogether.

As far as which uni to get, Nimbus and Qu Ax are comparable (I prefer Nimbus). KH is higher end (still prefer Nimbus). I’d stay away from 2 wheelers for road riding. Don’t believe all of the belly-aching about how hard 36ers are to ride. You’ll figure it out in 10 minutes if you’re a decent rider.

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3 wheel


I think I know why your nick is unipsycho32. It is short for ‘my psyche changes 3 into 2’. :smiley:


I meant i suggest a 3 wheeled unicycle if you’re interested in multiple wheeled unicycles.:stuck_out_tongue: