few problems w/ brand new unicycle (torker LX 20)

only things im having problems with are: unicycle makes clicking noise after every revolution or tire, on the crank wheel there’s a plastic circular thing that keeps falling off, and its seems a little difficult to jump (this may be because the tire is to full of air or my seat post is to high???)

it’s only been riden for about 6 hours and its my 1st uni…i dont know how to solve the problem and i can’t refund it cause i got it on ebay…

First of all, you shouldn’t really be jumping on that type of uni it’s built for freestyle not trials. It’s fine for that cap to come off its just there to keep dirt out, lots of unis don’t even come with it. The clicking sound is probably a loose spoke or just the spokes adjusting from being ridden on.

Just make sure your pedals and everything are on tightly. I wouldn’t worry about it.

yah, but its really bothering me cause i just got it 2 days ago and i cant ride forever w/ that irritating cliking noise

Pinch the spokes an inch or so above where they cross, do they move a lot?

i dont really get the chance at looking at my spokes, but it sounds like the noise is coming from my left crank…

Do you not have it with you? Your pedal or crank arm may be loose. It’s better to tighten that stuff before you continue riding but there is nothing to worry about. The only way the cranks could be clicking is that they are loose.

thats weird then…my left crank is tighter than my right and the left is making the noise. its 12 at night so i dont have it with me

How do you know that the left crank arm is tighter? Did you already try tightening them? Those should have came already on the uni. How tight did you tighten the bearing caps down at the bottom?

when u look at the uni bearings u can see that one is tighter than the other cause its more closed down…ill try un-tightining tomorrow…

Whatever you do, do not over tighten, you could ruin your bearings that way.