Festival of the Wheel

I don’t know much about this event but if you are anywhere near Castlemaine (Victoria, Australia) on the weekend of 25-26th October they will be holding a unicycle race.

A website:

Thanks for the headsup, was in Castlemaine yesterday.

It looks like the unicycle race is only a novelty event on the Sunday in the gardens, will check on that. The Mount Tarrengower climb included on one of the Saturday rides would be fun though!

Just a headsup as the Festival of the Wheel is this weekend (in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia)

Entries for the rides are low atm (I think there are too many rides to pick from and it’s a new festival). If you are able to support this event by participating in a ride on Saturday please contact the organizers 03 5470 6825 or info@masg.org.au and let them know today (Wed) or tomorrow. Details of rides at:

Riders in Melbourne could always catch the train up to Castlemaine and back on Saturday.

I’m planning on doing the 36km ride Castlemaine/Maldon/Castlemaine, and during the break at Maldon ride the Mount Tarrengower climb. Not too long a ride all up, good weather forecast for the weekend and good coffee available in Maldon :slight_smile:

Anyways, if there are any local aussie uni riders who can support this event by participating in a Saturday ride let the organizers know - Festival of the Wheel, cool idea!