Female Muni/Trials riders

As of yesterday, we’ve got a new one at Bishop’s… A friend got her first couple revs away from the wall. Another friend we hope will join soon, once we get her uni fixed…

Podzol;s into MUni and I do belive she has recently descovered an interest in trials. I ride distance and do a bit of freestyle and XC myself. Also I enjoy unicycle hockey.


Sara C./ Unipsychogirl is into Trials but haven’t seen her riding lately.

My oldest girl was quite good at MUni but has lost interest.:o

Little sister placed in her age group at NAUCC for both Trials (may have been the only one to enter) and MUni.

Here’s a pic of Abby from the NAUCC MUni race.

Abby MUni.JPG

First is Abbey and Ellen assist each other at the start of the MUni race at Stanky Creek.

Second is Sarah, who got passed while I fumbled with the camera.

ellen & abbey at start.jpg

Sarah MUni small.jpg

That is: past

As in: Sarah got past me while I fumbled with the camera.

Awesome! I’d like to have a unicycling sister!

Morgan is such a nag…“when are we going Muniing again?” It’s so horrible - my girlfriend is possibly more excited about going to CMW than me!

Heh heh heh. I’m done bragging :smiley:

Josh, Dude, I was trying you on the horn this morning to get you and “that girl” Morgan to throw down a Muni spin in Sycamore Cyn. There was a marine layer over Santa Monica so I dashed for it but the marine layer burned off in no time and it was like 150 degrees down there. Started to get light headed at one point. For the next few weeks it looks like Muni is on hold in So Cal, unless you can get up at 4 A.M. like Terry, and I just can’t.

Maybe Morgan can?? There ain’t no other females riding in these parts save for Morgan Lee Cable.


I think thats something to make every Muni Rider jealous.

im a female learning and loving muni

Female MUni Rider.

Kobi has a 10 year old daughter that loves to MUni with him! She is good. She currently rides a Numbus 20" and navigates the singles very nicely! Kobi actually posted a thread with a picture of her riding MUni in the woods a couple of weeks ago. I am jealous of Kobi and can’t wait until my sons get old enough to ride with me!


I’m not very good at Muni, but I’ve only done it twice. I think that distance riding on my 29er is my greatest love, but that may change as my off-road abilities improve. It’s very fun and I can’t wait to get in more practice and gain the confidence and ability to take on some of the more technical stuff.