Female Muni/Trials riders

I was just wondering how many Female Muni/Trials riders there are out there? Like with most sports of this kind, it does seem to be a male dominated thing. I for one certainly know more male unicyclists than female, and of the ones I do know, they don’t do trails or muni (or street).

What does everyone else find?

There are probably more female unicyclists around than male :stuck_out_tongue: But you’re probably right- Muni/Trials are male dominated.

That wouldn’t surprise me

Well, she hasn’t started yet, but my girlfriend is really excited about getting into trials. Her uni got to her yesterday, but i need to cut the seat post off a lot, cause she is only 5’ tall.

In a few months, shell start with trials, its gonna be awesome!

Good luck to her.

And I lie! i do know one girl who at least own’s a trails uni, as Joe Dysons gf does.

Don’t forget Rachel S from Nelson- she’s a heck of a rider.

Why all the interest in females unicycling? Are you lonely :D?

Never met her yet. The interest? I am at the moment being a Saturday night and me having nothing better to do, but no Gizmo, if I was looking for a unicyclist gf, I certainly wouldn’t be looking on an international unicycling forum.

I’m female and moving into trials. Am in the period of mustering enough guts and getting lots of bruises. At present count, I’m let me see…10 bruises and 5 pedal-marks richer than yesterday.

For some reason, Amanda, I find that hard to believe!!

I ride mUni every chance I can get. I am good at rolling over things, but my hopping lags behind. I am thinking of hiring ObieOne for a hopping lesson.

one of my friends who I tought to uni is into trials. She hasn’t gone muniing yet, because he keeps missing the rides, but she want’s to come.

Well I do a little muni and trials, but I’m not very good though…

well, if I could pay myself ( and if I wanted one ) a sex change operation I would be a female that ride trial and muni.

Uniprincess, who sometimes posts here, rides muni, as does Irene Genelin.

We’ve got Morgan here. Shes a LA/Santa Barbara muni rider. She hasnt been at it that long but shes fearless and does all the mind numbing trails in the area. She takes some knocks that make me hurt just watching! but she gets back up and tries again till she gets it. What a girl!

im just getting into both trials and muni - just bought a hoppley and my bf (who, incidentally, i met on this forum…) has lent me his old muni so im (hopefully) not quite as far behind him as i have been. Im really enjoying the new riding im doing, even though im still not very good and quite scared of some of it!! the only other girl i know who rides more than just a straight line is amanda (and she is much much better than just straight riding…!!) - there should be more of us!

i’m a girl, and i do street, well, more like i’m starting to get into it. but it’s awesome

I’m a female, fairly new around here. I’m mostly muni as i can do it in my backyard or ride to the very close national park. Looking to getting into trials as soon as i can get a uni for it or upgrade my current 20".

BTW anyone from Adelaide, Aus around these parts? As i’m sick of riding by myself.


Yup…expresses me.Except, in my case Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.Although I’m not into the idea of meeting someone from the Internet.

so does that mean that you could also meet xav?

Just an update.

My girlfriend, Sera, is getting immensly better a riding, I plan on taking her to a downtown ride with me and about 5 other riders. Let the trials begin!!!