female discomfort.

hey all

i am angel (bungles gurlfriend)
there is only one thing holding me back from learning to unicycle…

my seat (velo freestyle) concerntrates all my weight in all the wrong places. (girls anatomy) so i was just wondering if any other girls out there have had this trouble and how did you overcome it?

thanks angle:p

I did have that problem, but I’m not sure how I got over it, suppose I got used to it or something. I used to have a really old cradle style seat that it turns out had a couple of screws loose in it. But, I got a new seat, just a basic normal one, and I could have sworn it was the most comfortable thing! But I find if I’m riding for a while, it does get rather uncomfortable…I got another new seat, and uni, and this one was a KH seat, nice and comfy really, but distance does make it hurt a bit too. And guys think it doesn’t hurt us to ride a unicycle. I find if I’m doing fair distance on my unicycle, I tend to ride slightly off the seat. I dunno about learning though.

I don’t know if this issue was resolved to the poster’s satisfaction but HERE IS A THREAD that discusses the same issue. It would be a good starting point.

There are lots of men posts about this, but I haven’t found too much for us girls!

I use bike shorts with padding, my cheap ones work as well as the fancy pants. I lost 15 pounds, that helped a LOT.
I kind of stand while pedaling once in a while when I ride to let the blood flow. I take a break every 2-3 miles just for a minute.

I have made some extra padding that helps, but I don’t use that uni often, see picture attached.

I have an air seat for my coker wich helps. Sometimes I shift weight way back on my ischeum (Kind of thrust pelvis forward a bit to do that, moving the seat forward and your shoulders back some), that helps for short spells instead of dismounting.

Good luck, I hope some of this is helpful.


One thing you may like to play with is the angle of the seat. This can have an effect on comfort. I’ll assume you don’t have a rail seat post. If you loosen your saddle bolts you can actually move the saddle backwards or forwards about an inch which changes the angle a little. Try moving it one way and then retighten them. If pain persists try the other way. If you’ve still got problems it may be an idea to invest in a different saddle.

Haha, “If pain persists, see your doctor” Pain killers actually work quite well for stopping pain like that. I find if you taken them before, it’s fine until they wear off :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got this friend I was trying to teach to ride… or should I say, I was trying to get her to teach herself. She got quite good but every now and then she’d say in a really whiny voice “it hurts my crotch”… which is basically the last thing you ever wanna hear from a girl and I didn’t know what to tell her beyond “try putting more weight on your pedals and your seat hand” (which is what I do).

It seems to be a stumbling point for lots of learners, it made me give up for about 8 or 9 years but that was because the seat technology on learner unicycles in 1994 was pretty poor.

I guess it’s just one of those things you just get better at? I’ve generally got a low tolerance to that sort of pain so I usually dismount at the first signs of discomfort and “walk it off”.

I think the new seats are coming on in leaps and bounds so it seems the general rule is “newer the better”, hopefully the progress doesn’t let up!

perhaps you are sitting wrong? i always sugest sitting more on your tail bone… or at least putting most of the pressure there… see if that helps… though past there i am out of sugestions… i found it helps… though i am not a women… but yes… i think if you shift your wait it could really help!

Cycle shorts with padding are good.
personally I’m not crazy about the velo freestyle saddle but thats a personal thing, I like a miyata or a viscount ( made by velo AIH).
At least for us girls a squashed crotch doesn’t do any lasting harm.

The only time I have had this problem is when riding for miles on my 29er. What I have found helps:

  1. Padded cycle shorts (that don’t have seams in the wrong places.)
  2. I have found that the more distance I do, the less of a problem I have.
  3. When I changed my cranks from 150s to 125s it improved. So I don’t know whether this was something to do with the seat hight but if felt like I had more room to move.
  4. All my unis have KH seats, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

All the best.