FELT bmx cranks on KH Muni?

Hey Guys

Have any of you tried FELT’s 3-piece cranks on a KH hub? They are 8 spline as well. The problem is the shortest they come in is 170mm. So theyd only be for munis.

Heres a lil piccy:

…and the link to them on FELT’s website.

I’m really looking for replacement cranks for my KH20. I snapped off one of my KH cranks before i left the US for Germany. I really wanted some haros but apparently theyre not very common here. :roll_eyes:

Any suggestions from those of you on this side of the pond?

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I would get someone state side to ship you some haro’s or see if Roger at Unicycle.com.uk has some.

Darren Bedford carries the haro cranks so you may also want to contact him see if he can help you out. Other than that I would say try seeing if any of the german riders in the einrad forum can help…

Good luck


Thats good advice. I will do that. Thanks mike:)

Re: FELT bmx cranks on KH Muni?

Wow, am I right in thinking you’re the first person to do this? I know lots of people, including myself, have bent KH cranks but I hadn’t heard of anyone snapping them. How’s the hub holding out? Any twisting of the axle?


You can always can buy a pair of qu-ax ( 127 :() !!

They are from germany and there is aspecial model for KH unis!

I´ve seen them in unicycle.uk.com


Ask Roland at www.municycle.com sure he can offer you those cranks much more cheap and fast!

Check it out!


Yes, I have this cranks on stock but not online in my shop at moment …



Thanks fellas.

Roland, expect an email.:slight_smile: