FELLER- my 07 kh 24

Pretty much brand new, not a scrathch, no tire wear. Ive ridden it for probably 3 hours time (maybe). I might sell it depending on how much I can get for it. I will post pics up as soon as I can

where dou live?
and what sort of prices were you looking for?

k here are the pics. O and I lied there are 3 small scratches :astonished:

Oh, and I also wanna sell this

I live in calgary AB (canada) as for price, I paid 625 new from bedford, and its barely used.

maybe sell it for 500?

500 shipped in canada. Out of canada you pay.

lol, its a 500 $ kh 07 battle. good luck to you sir:D

haha ok then :smiley:

common guys… I need to sell this quickly. I’m open to offers

Its interesting to see which goes first because r-cormier’s has basically new - as he said hes ridden it for about three hours. Wheres Yours Justin even though is relatively new has been ridden pretty hard but comes with some extras.

I just need mine gone… Someone make an offer!


There an offer, Happy? I will definitely honor this if you accept but you must be patient if you wish to sell something for 80% of its new price.

hahaha no
serious offers

what are the specks on the other one. the freestyle set up?
and how much

the other one is either freestyle or street (long seatpost). here sre the specs:
primo comet tire
primo balance rim
kh momment hub
white spokes
primo tenderizers
some steel frame, and old kh seat

200, and you pay shipping?

I’m sorry Justin, I must now decline your challenge hahaha.

ok guys lets say 400 and you pay the shipping. If shipping is alot, then I will pay half.


your in calgary? Im in edmonton so I can offer you $175 for your street uni and I’ll pay shipping. Deal?

i will pay 90 for the wheel (including pedals) if those are quax cranks, and 130 if those are moments.
assuming it is 125mm.
plus paying shipping.
and where are you located?

never mind thanks to UNIdentified.