Fell Into a Pond

Well I was riding with a friend yesterday when I got the wonderful idea to ride on this grate at the edge of a gross pond:

Jumping on to the grate:

Slipping off of the edge:

Falling in:

Trying to swim out:

Realizing my uni is still in the pond:

Good thing unicycles float:

I ended up having to fish my unicycle out with a pole.








HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT SUCKS!!! make sure its all dry…arent K1 unis steel?? ouch.

Well that was dumb lol :astonished: , atleast unicycles float. id of got back in to save my uni!! ive done that before, but the tide was down and i almost got stuck in the mud!! (my unicycle was traumatised but survived:p) hope your unis alright, and you obviously

thats a great idea there vanpaun, you can use spongebobs unicycle lol
yes k1’s are steel so that could have been a very bad idea :roll_eyes:

LOL, sucks to be you. :stuck_out_tongue:

What were you trying to do???

Just hop to the edge and back.

Wow… Those are some amazing pics of it lol. I laughed at first, not know your area, i thought you may have been somewhere warmer. Then i read you were in minnesota, and i realized our weather, and how the ice has started/already gone out on some lakes lol. Cold water… lol

Pretty much every uni has at least one steal component :wink:

Well I didn’t steal any part of mine…

NICE! lol, madison should come to this thread. lol.

Is that ice or mud with snow on it back in the pond?

Anyway, sorry to hear of the bad experience, but sounds like you survived it and now have a good story to tell your grandkids.

No comment…

looks like ice

whistles and walks away

It was ice

Atleast all the ice is finally going out now, and the snows almost gone

Yeah, by the way where is Coldspring?

Near St. Cloud, in Stearns County. :slight_smile: Where are you?

In Chaska, Carver County

1 lake down 9999 to go?