Feeling It-Uni_Dude_DX

My newest vid…and youtube was being dumb so its on vimeo.

Hope you enjoy.
Feel free to critique.
Feeling It

nice man, music went well with the video and all that jazz… lol I thought you weren’t allowed to hop around on the rocks… anyway great video compared to some of your others… I liked it.

My Friend, i admit, you are getting better and Better, Hope to see some new stuff. FILM THOSE CRANKFLIPSS!!!

Seriously, good stuff.

Jeff Buckley. Just choosing him for your video made it great for me.

I was kinda expecting more form you though, riding wise. Just from what I read from you on here and shaving your tire, I just thought youd have more street tricks to do.

It was a good video.

Very excellent! :smiley:

haha I saw the trailer and the rocks with the yellow uni… Without a title or anything I could spot one of your videos. You are getting much better. We both started off with a dx 24" back in the fall and now we both ride numbus 20". Just makes me laugh. Like the slow pace of the song.

Nice vid! I noticed your race lite shin guards don’t cover your entire shins. Do you notice a difference in their performance compared to the KHs? i.e. do you sustain more pedal bites with them on the lower shin?

I liked it, how long have you been riding?

wow thank you all.
umm no the protection is about the same…and the way they feel is completely different…
i like em.
and ive been riding for like 6 months now…


I really liked it ! The editing was cool… A little bit repetitive… Try to film in diferent places…
I love unicycle videos with a slow music and a good sync between music and riding, like your video… i’m finishing my sponsor request video now… and my next video i think that will be entire slow motion with a slow music, for a Brazilian Sports site :smiley:

You are getting better fast! :wink:
Keep it up…


Pretty good for six months. I’ve been riding about that too, but only got serious when I got my trials uni and that was 2-3 months ago. Anyway keep it up.

Big improvements, again - but if you keep landing rolling hops sideways then you may damage your wheelset…

Definitely getting better, Nice Job!

I enjoyed this, the skill level in the video wasn’t as high as some but the fact that it looked like some time was put into the editing and end prduct made it that much more watchable. I wouldn’t say the song worked with the video, but it’s a nice song which I do like so it didn’t detract from it in any way.

Basically well done on a good video.

Thank you all again.
So best one yet?

ya dude that was your best one yet. good job.:slight_smile:

thank you!!

so what skill level do you guys think im at now?? range from 1-10 like 1 being ride not anything alse
and 10 being like kris holm or somebody…

I’d say 2 - 3.

Dont take that as a bad thing, cause 1 to 10 is a short scale when you put unicyclists on it… Think of it as a 20 - 30 out of 100…

You have much you can improve on, and you should get some unispins and whatnot on camera!

The riding was good for how long you’ve been doing it though I guess I’ll be the first to say I didn’t like the song in the slightest and that I didn’t feel it fit the riding at all.

its all good.
i appreciate your input…