feeling guilty?

Are you one of those people that feels guilty when they know they can be doing something good but aren’t? Well fear not! I think I have the solution. PLUS you get to say you are a unicyclist.

Curing diseases is good, right? Right. Well, why not use those useless unused CPU cycles (not some new vehicle) for something useful?

Okay, here it comes: there is this thing called Folding @ Home and some of you may be familiar with it, or have it. The good people at Stanford University (I think it’s a university…) have been good enough to make this and they have a team system. You can be one of those lowly people with no team, or you can join a team! You don’t “join” as much as you type in the team number that you want to have you’re part count towards.

My brother made a team, called Cool_CPU. I am going to get him to change it to UNIque or something, unless someone GIVES ME A COOL TEAM NAME. This is going to be the unicycle team, where unicyclists and people who want to learn to uni can join. (Well, anyone can join, but it’s representing unicyclists.) All we need is some more people to join.


  1. Go to http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html
  2. download the correct program for your OS. The one for XP is less than 5 MB I think, but I don’t know about the other ones.
  3. install it blah, blah.
  4. when it is loaded, go into “Configure” and make the team number 13392 (the uni team)
  5. Sit back and start feeling less guilty. You’re helping people!

We need people for this team. Please, be a nice unicyclist person and join the team that likes to unicycle and help people. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hmmm… you may be on to something.

I am rapidly approaching 2,500 units for Seti@Home; I should reach that figure in a day or two. I could be very easily persuaded to call it a day for SETI and start folding if there’s a unicycle team.

Is there a team statistics page, showing who’s in it and how much the team has done?

If you are making the name unicycle based, make it obvious that it refers to unicycles, and not cheesy. Perhaps something that mentions Unicyclist.com; might as well try for some free coverage…


phil, how long have you been running seti@home?
i’ve had mine going for about six months and have only clocked up about 27 workunits (on a 166 pentium thats fairly busy doing other stuff)
do you have a room full of seti clients?

also tempting is the possible effort in the near future to crack the xbox key, in order that people will be able to run non microsoft software on the xbox.

it seems that you are a valuable assest to seti, and i am not.

I first started just under two years ago, and have run it on a variety of computers since then. I remember looking at various other peoples’ results back then and thinking how on earth they had done that many, when I was in single figures…

Given the total number of units returned is 738,197,609, I don’t think the difference is particularly important… :slight_smile:


Man and I thought i was the only one runing Seti. Ive only gotten 56 in these past 7 months. But ill sign up for your folding thing.

Phil man Youve got to be runig a 3 Gig comp to be racken that much up.

Thank you all for your support and responses!

I still need a name though… Not cheesy and refers to unicycles… hmm… I think I might be able to tackle that one.

I’m not sure about any stats pages though. I will call upon my brother yet again and see if he knows anything about this.

Remember… 13392…

Hey that working design looks way cool. but what exactly is it processing? and i put in your number and my member name is Catboy for it.

There is a statistics page here ; presumably it is updated periodically, as there are no users now.

The project is about folding proteins, and has wide ranging medical applications. There’s more blurb than you could ever possibly need here.


What is seti?

it says members active within a week and it was just made this afternoon. That might be why it says 0 users. Sign up for team 13392!

what is seti?

seti is the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Go ahead and tell me if I’m wrong. I dont mind. Sniff.

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence At Home. Remember the huge dish at the end of Goldeneye? That telescope records radio information from outer space; that information is then downloaded to people running Seti@Home, which trawls the information looking for any signals of interest.

The film must have lied… it didn’t get blown up at all. My vision of reality, shattered…


For a name, how about something simple like, “Team RSU”…or not, i dunno.


Ive always like Unipsychos myself.
Or just “Team Uni”

the team name!

OK. How does “CPUniCycles” sound? You got your unicycles, and you’ve got the idea of CPU cycles being used and stuff. I made that one up last night. Please join, as we need to get to the top of the list to get some more uni exposure! Team number 13392…

I don’t know. That may be perceived as cheesy. Oh well. I tried.


First one on the list. Check out Kevin_Bowrin. That’s me!

I left it running all day while away and it did a full 112 WU’s in a mere 6 hours! Where is this list you speak of vortex because i want to see what place I am In.


2,497 SETI units… give it a couple of days, then I’m in…


Ok im New to this, I downloaded it and did all that stuff (im OnzaTrials1) and now I dont know what to do with it.
What am i supposed to do?
What are those 3d dots?