Feeling good!

Hi! I just thought I’d rave a bit 'cos I’m feeling good about my yike at the
moment. Firstly, I had an excellent hockey game yesterday with the LUNIs -
only the third time I’ve been, and I’ve already improved dramatically. I felt
like I was playing in a vaguely reasonable manner (at times). If you have
never played, find a team NOW. It is the most fun thing I have done for ages.

Also I cycled into college today. Normally I use two wheels for this, but this
morning I got up an hour early. I think the distance is ~six miles. I did it in
50 minutes, AND I don’t feel too crap now. WOW.

Keep practising, all you up and coming yikelists - it’s well worth the effort.

  Thanks for listening,


Re: Feeling good!

> All right John! I have played uni-hockey exactly twice, on the same day at a
> juggling convention I attended recently. Having never played hockey of any
> kind, the best contribution I could make was to get in the other team’s way
> and fall off. Still I had a great time.
> I’d like to know how you manage turns holding a hockey stick and do you
> use a two handed grip like normal hockey players? When I played I had to
> in my shoulder late in the second game. Any hints?
> Part of the problem may have been that I was riding a 24" uni. I had to
> bend farther forward to get the stick on the ground than my 20"
> uni-brethren. What size do you play on?
You’ll probably get some post from people far more experienced than me, but
I’ll give you my opinion anyway. As far as turning is concerned, if you are
right handed, and therefore hold the stick so at rest it is resting on the
ground to your right, then you can lean on it to turn yourself round in pretty
sharp circles to the right. Turning left, however, is definitly not helped by
having a stick. At the moment, I let go of the stick with one hand, and wave
the other around wildly to keep balance. In practice, its often easier to turn
to the right in all possible circumstances. I think that if you’re good, then
you use two hands on the stick. If you were having to bend down, then the
stick was probably too short. I find leaning on the stick a big help - I can
do stuff like freemounting much easier while leaning on it. I ride a 24" wheel
too, and I’ve never yet had problems having to bend down.

Find a team and get practicing!

          Ta for the reply, John