Feeler UK: 26" Surly Conundrum / parts.

Due to having damaged both ankles now, repetition of the same injury, and the said injury hindering my progress, the thought of selling my beloved KH has crossed my mind. The proceedes of which, I have decided would go on building up a 26" Surly Conundrum.

I’d be looking for either a complete 26" Conundrum (without brake), to swap for my KH trials, or to buy when my KH sell’s. Or a 26" Conundrum frame, 26" Large Marge rim, 26x3.7" / 26x4" Endomorph tyre and tube, again to buy when my KH sells.

At the moment it’s entirely dependant on how my ankle holds out. I’ll be giving it a month, probably two, if my ankle’s better and I’m making progress in street then I’ll keep the KH, If not, then I’ll be selling the KH and going for a Surly.

If anyone would consider a swap, I’ll post pic’s / links to pic’s of my KH and full spec’s.

Just one thing. Kh 29 frame. Better.

that wont fit an endemorph tyre though…(i think)


depends on money, i would lovw to buy your street uni! its soooo nice! would you be selling it with the isis wheel or profile?

That’s a matter of opinion, I have a 29er so I don’t need another, and I want a Surly, lol.

The Profile hub & crank set are now on my 29er, so the KH will have the ISIS wheel, so it’ll be as it is in this pic, but sticker-less.

conundrum frame

I realize your request is for a 26," but just in case I have a brand new 24" conundrum frame still in the box…pm me if you are interested.