FEELER: trials uni trade or sell

i have a 19 inch norco trials uni that i would like to trade for a 24 inch muni or sell it is black and has a cut down kh seat i’m not sure if i’m going to sell yet, but i’m open to offers the pic is on my avatar

Could you post some bigger pics, I can’t see anyting. Also, are u willing to sell things individually, i.e. cranks, pedals, rim,

If you click on his avitar you can get a bigger… …oh wait its a cow

so it is, random lol


get a pic i wanna see what it looks like

nice cow though, give you $100 for it

here is a pic.
there will be metal pinned pedals on it though

will you be interested in some trading?
I want the tire…PM me…

does that seat clamp have 3 bolts? If so I’ve never seen one before, but even if it isn’t I still havent seen one before.

yes it is a three bolt clamp

cool, so i have seen one now! thats all! bye

Would you mind letting me know how old it is and what kind of shape it is in? Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:


hey i was wondering how much you would like to get for this unicycle and you can email me back at one_tired_guy6996@hotmail.com or add me on msn and we can work things out


are you interested in every unicycle??

I’m in Red Deer too!

Hey, I also live in Red Deer. I’m sure we could work something out. Thx.

I really wonder why people insist on writing so big

can you please give us some specs?