[feeler] trade my kh 24 for your 36er?

I have a 2007 UDC kh24 I just don’t use. It’s been ridden only a few times and in great condition. Wondering if anyone is interested in a trade for a 36er?


I may be interested. Good thing you live real close! Im not sure if i can part w my 36er. I think i can, as i dont ride it much nowadays.

what do you have?

A big one coker deluxe with a magura brake.

I might be interested if you are selling it.

I would sell it, but need to come up with a price, stay tuned…


I’m thinking $400 (I may be dreaming, but feel free to counter offer) as far as shipping we can work something out.

I also have a new 24" hookworm tire that I will throw in the deal.


Can you post a picture?

Here are some pics. There are some scratches on the seat guards (hard plastic pieces) and where my legs rub on the ‘forks’ it is a bit dull compared to the rest. No scratches, chips or dings in the paint.