Feeler: Surly Conundrum 26", Large Marge rim, Larry Tire, Magura Brake

Okay, so I’m contemplating the sale of my Surly. She’s a beauty, black frame, custom wheel with a Large Marge rim and new style Nimbus hub, Larry 3.8 tire, Magura rim brake, choice of cranks, KH seat.

I’m just taking offers now to see where it goes, but I’m not going to fire sale the Surly, so don’t even ask about low ball offers.

The Conundrum is not some run of the mill steel framed muni, just so folks know what they’re looking at before making an offer:

Surly 26" frame retailed for $300
Surly LM rim retailed for $120
Surly Larry 3.8 retailed for $120

The Surly frames are no longer being made, so very rare, and oh so very nicely built, chromoly tubing, lugged bearing holders, built in the USA, too bad they’re no longer made :frowning:

The Large Marge (LM) rim is super burly, not something even the most extreme trasher is going to bend. I have teh DH version, so it’s even burlier. Mine is buillt with a Nimbus hub for extra durability, custom nips, black spokes.

The LM is super wide to accomodate the Larry 3.8, but some folks fine that the LM rim is perfect for running a 3" tire like the Arrow or Duro; I tried this and I agree, it rocks nearly as good as the Larry!

The Larry 3.8 is the largest production mtb tire made, awesome float, super cushy, the ultimate in off road traction and comfort for the discerning muni rider. I run mine with a Duro DH tube, which works perfect, running 8-10 psi, awesomeness!

Shipping in USA only, cost of shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, so make cash offers for muni only, then I’ll get a shipping estimate.

I’ll post some pics later this week.

Okay, let the party begin!

Well, looks like it may already be gone, local boy (Knoxuni) says he wants to make friends with Larry :slight_smile:

I just love Larry :smiley:

He will be my new best friend :slight_smile:

BFF :roll_eyes: