[FEELER] super modified 2005 torker DX

Someone could buy it for the parts still. I don’t think it’s worth much more than $100 as a complete uni. You might make more of a profit just touching up the frame and selling it separetly. The other parts aren’t worth too much anymore.

I havn’t tried actually getting the axle out of the hub yet, i have no idea how to get the spacers out of the hub(they are pretty well set in there. i have tried several different things. to no avail, I’m going to sell it to a friend for $100. I might (try to) fix it in the meantime.

So you wouldn’t even wait for my buddy to reply? Surely if he is interested he will give you more than $100 USD.

nah, its not that, i said I would give Ryan a chance at it first. He has ridden a CX for like 4 months now. I don’t know how its not broken. He also asked for it “when I get a new one” several times. I did a feeler so I could know what to set the price at. I’m not going to sell my friend something for an unreasonable price, or a reasonable price for that matter, hes my friend, he gets a discount. Its not like I need the $$ very badly at all.

Oh well, I don’t think my friend there is very serious about riding.

you’re friend there?
what do you mean?
in the US, texas?

Oh no, he’s a local up here.

He’s just being a follower I think, just wanted to try to be me for a while I guess. He’s more concerned about some huge guitar amplifier right now that he doesn’t need.

$130 for a working splined unicycle??
i think that is a great deal.


that thing is worth maybe 80. it is so abused it isn’t funny.

abuse is an understatement.
I don’t let my uni hold me back for anything. If I want to do something, im going for it.
thats why I got a KH
im going to PWN the crap out of my KH, and It better take it :slight_smile: hehehehehe

if you put as much energy into ups as you do drops you could be up with the best of us.

i have upped 31" … highest I have measured. I have jumped slightly higher. just not measured(rolling of course)
I don’t put much effort into drops @ all. In fact i just do enough to do it right and not hurt myself.

thats not bad for 1 year of hard riding is it?
and uhh
i can hold my own w/ rolling distance/gapping