[FEELER] super modified 2005 torker DX

so heres what it is.
seat (KH street foam w/ a DX cover(stapled on) and a brand new seat stiffener/hardware)
2007 torker seatpost
2007 DX frame (it looks AWESOME! sanded down , with a little paint left at the welds only, no brake mounts)
2005 DX hub, don’t get me wrong, its not perfect, it has a little keyway slop. It likes to click, nothing major, but annoying.
marwi 14ga. spokes, 48 to be exact
nimbus double walled trials rim. - uhh slightly bent, you can see it if you spin it, but you can’t feel it.
CC tire
thick tube.

I’m thinking $130 ish
i have put something like $400 into this uni

EDIT: and I may throw in the old rim (20" double walled) and spokes just for fun.

but w/ this seatcover -KH street foam. the cover is pretty torn up/worn out. prolly needs replacement w/in a month or 2.

That frame isn’t aluminum, isn’t that going to rust relatively easily? Whoever gets this may at least want to put on a clear coat or something. The pricing, is that 130 with or without shipping? I’ve already got a DX I’m just trying to help clarify a bit.

its already clearcoated.
I’m not even sure I’m selling it, i just want to know if $130 is a good price.
this is more how it would look. the frame looks better than the pic shows.

cool frame, yes, you could brobably get 130 for it… if i didnt have a uni than this would be a great starter splined trials uni

edit… oh and dont say things like wobbly, out of true, etc. say “well loved”

also, teflon tape will take care of the clicking just remove the crank and put some in the splines.

No, those things should most certainly be said. How would you like to pay 130 dollars for something then receive it all beat up unexpected?

Have you decided on whether or not you are selling this Uni? Looks like you got a lot of good use out of it.

I think you could definately get $130 for it…just not from me.

I would be blown away if you sold that to someone who knew a lot about unis and you got more then $50.
it is way too beat up. plus if you are like me, something like a clicking feeling is extremely obnoxious
50 percent. their is a difference between “well loved” and out of true.
well loved implies taken care of properly, and working normaly. out of true implies “well abused” and not taken care of.

Sorry Skrobo, but I agree with torkerdx here.

its not the splines, its the hub
come on, $50?
I’d rather keep it.
the only thing thats messed up is the hub and the rim, and the rim is really fine, you can’t feel the wobble @ all. its only bent like 3/16"
and the hub… the clicking isn’t that bad, but you can feel it when you go from pedaling forwards to slowing down/going backwards.

I take care of it properly too, but I don’t let the uni hold me back.

50 is a bit low but certainly not over 100.

id say $125

what if I throw in an indestructable seat stiffener?

Please elaborate.

I made some seat stiffeners that are about 10 times stronger than the original ones. I don’t really want to say how, but its not complicated at all. I have 2 so far, but I need some more metal to make more.

i have a friend who might want it. ill PM you w/ more info if he wants it

i think $130 aint that bad for it. I mean its cheaper than a nimbus trials, and it’s a good uni.

I think I can probably find a buyer.

Have you tried removing the axel from the hub? If so, how hard is it, I would fix it if the guy I know buys it.