feeler: slightly used snafu pedals

I was wondering if anyoen wants my sanfu pedals. they are slightly used. and I have extra pins for them. If anyone is actually interested I will try to get pictures up. they have some scratches on the side but are in overall condition pretty good. They are the unsealed ones that come on KH trials unis.


Why you selling?

SICK you have pics yet or no?

I want to get some jimmy c’s. the snafus are hard to do unispins ect. on, and my super ungrippy plastics suck for trials and street.

hagbag, are you actually interested? if so I’ll get pics.

I am not interested but how much are you thinking you will get? They are $25 brand new. Is it worth it?

oh, wow, lol I thought they were $40 brand new. ok.

does anyone want to buy them for $17? they also have extra pins that cost $5 if I can find them.

i was when i had 100$ that i blew partying but let me see how much dough i can pull together in the next couple of days(please mommy please lol) and do you know how much shipping to canada would be? i’m imagining not much

EDIT: talking to my mom and she said that i have dough!!! sick so will you accept money orders or just paypla or what cause i dont have paypal but beener would so its up to you

another edit lol can i have some pictures

I’ll try to get some pics up today. I’m not sure what shipping will be. I’m guessing it will be around 5 dollars though.

ok that would be great… my postal code is L4N 6H9 Barrie, Ontario just to figure out shipping costs… and are the extra pins included in that price or no? thanks

not sure, it depends if I can find the pins:)

I jsut took a look at them, and they are in pretty good shape. they have the usuall scratches of pedals that have been used a bit, and the left pedal has a pedal protector and I think I have an extra set of pedal protectors too.

pics will have to wait until tommorrow because I have to go to sleep really soon.

ok cause the same pedals with extra pins are 28$ off UDC so… but that would be great if you could get those pics up and you never said if you accept paypal or wanted a money order or what

I sent you a pm yesterday. I’m not sure if you got it though.

ya i got it… pictures yet?

oh sorry, I’ll go take some.

sorry, I decided I’m not gonna sell them. I’m going to keep them as extra muni pedals in case my mag ones break. sorry.