(FEELER) sell or trade

i am now getting more into muni and i would like to trade or sell my current trials uni in hopes of getting a 24" muni of good quality.

my trials uni is great for a beginer or someone who does not take drops of 4 feet or more, since it is does not have a splined wheelset.
this is what it has:

yuni frame
kh seat(cut down)
tripple bolt seat post clamp
aluminum removable-pin pedales
alex dx 32 rim
luna tire

pictures please

i cant get one right away but the uni in my avatar is the uni that im selling.
i’ll try to get one up tomorrow

hey ya i need pics… i have a 24" bedford muni frame(the 95$ black one), UDC crmo hub, cranks are bent so needs new dt champion spokes, alex dx 32 rim with a holy roller or another kinda muni tire(not sure what its called) that i’m thinking of seeling.

EDIT: and a KH fusion seat

here is the photo
btw: the pedals are silver(i haven’t put the new ones on yet0

Where are u…and how much

hey…how much do u want for it…and where are u in the world…will u ship to canada…???

well of coarse i will ship to canada, i live there
i dont know much about the price


If its a good price i will possibly buy the whole thing…or just the wheel set and seat if u are willing to part it…but probably just the whole thing…how much do u want for it??

i’ll take the best offer
i will part it out if i can sell it all


Give us a price range so we know wat we are looking for…how much did u get it new…how long have u been riding it…and wat is the current condition (scratches, dents, paint chips, threads, bends)…and how much are u looking for…the max I will pay for that is 150$ or just above…

Well considering the fact that i could get the same uni, not used, from Bedford for $200 or so i would guve maybe $175 for that one…Lemme think about it.


Consider the factors…that
a) when you buy something even if you dont use it…you have to take 1/4 off the original price or else its a rip off
b) when you buy something and use it…(how much it is used differs the price-scratches and stuff)…–>u have to take at minimum 1/2 the original price off …

Therefore…if that uni was bought for 200 new from bedford…then you wud have to sell it at maximum 100$…judging that its not bashed up at all…but it is used…but i am guessing that, that uni is more than 200…mabbe 275

So wat do u say for the price…cuz I am getting this for a friend…and its a christmas present…so i dont want to spend to much

i don’t think i will sell it just yet.
btw:don’t get mad at me because im not selling, because this was just a feeler

ok well my unicycle isn’t at my house yet cause i just moved back in with my parents so if someone wants it they can have it ahead of me but if i get my uni here then i’m seriously thinking about it…