[FEELER] possible sale of short person's coker frame


I’m thinking about selling my short person’s coker frame (at the moment powder coated lilac) plus the rest of the coker. Very good condition (except for the pinned pedals), only used for a few months.

Short person’s coker frame (as made by Roger from UDC uk)
140mm cranks
Steel rim
Coker tyre
KH saddle

I’m thinking UK only - within reasonable distance from North Wales, or pick up from BUC. I know this is a minority market in a minority market so I was just wondering if there was any interest around.

Here’s a pic.

Also modelled by Sam in his pyjamas on my avatar. :smiley:

It has a slightly different saddle on now. One of the older KH models

noooooo not the lilac… it is a beauty.

Obviously I’m not in the market to buy it though I wish I were. But I’m curious as too how short? Seat can’t be raised?

i’d be interested but it’d have to be after july… so ur probably not so interested lol :smiley:

hmm… my bank account probably doesnt want me to be interested, but i really am! and i havn’t had a new uni yet this year… very tempted! im short, was wishing i had a coker this week, and ill be at buc too. why are you selling it? i thought you loved it! ah, and how much might it be?


I’m selling it because I have a lilac N36 and since getting that I haven’t ridden the coker.

I was thinking about £130.

definately very very tempted (99% positive i should get it), am now trying to please bank account by selling my giraffe (we can trade if you like! :roll_eyes: ). have a student loan coming through next week, so im pretty sure i can manage to buy it, only question is, how much of an impact is there on the dismounts at an average speed? just please say not much so i can get it without worrying about knackering myself!

Let me know if you’re definately up for it and I’ll bring it to BUC

Yay Anna go for it, then maybe we can between us coax lewis out on his schlumpf, I haven’t ridden distance with him since I got my nimbus in october last year. For a planned dismount you come to a stop and then step off backwards, no impact atall. UPDs you can genreally run out of if you’re not going too fast, I’ve never been banged up to badly, despite crashing at some fairly high speeds. That’s also a fantastic price.

I agree. I can dismount with more grace from my N36 than from any other uni. The worse crash I have has is when I got my shoelace tangled in the cranks and couldn’t use my feet to help me land. Even then all I had were a few bruises.

It is a great price. It is vertually new and has a coker tyre (which are hard to get these days). I wont be sad if I don’t sell it because I can use the tyre on my N36 if I want too. However, even hanging from our new hooks, it takes up too much room in the garage for something I never use.

It’s a great price because philosophically (or something) I belive that anything second hand looses half it’s value immediately due to not being lovely and shiny and new. I would never pay more than half price for anything I bought second hand so I don’t expect anyone else to. For me, it’s already been worth the money I paid for it in the fun that I’ve had and in that it has been part of my journey to where I am now - riding my lovely lilac N36. :slight_smile:

PS, if you do buy it, you have to agree to love it as much as I have.

ok, thanks for the tips, im going to say yes! i will bring a cheque book with me to buc- unless you want the money another way? this awesome uni will not go unloved, im very excited! hopefully it will fit in the mini im going in! have been wanting to do some longer rides, have seen some good places and now i will be able to! :slight_smile: ill just have to be careful when dismounting as im not allowed to run or jump because my legs cant take the impact :angry: (but at least i have physio now)!

Thank you!
Anna (with a big smile on here face and a worried mother complaining!)

Cool. Cheque is fine. See you in BUC.