[feeler]-panasonic PV-GS65 3CCD w/ accessories...

hey guys,

im wanting a new camera, so im considering selling my video camera:). im bringing it into future shop today for a cleaning ( warranty stuff), so i dont have it with me at the moment.

but its a great little camera, i’ve had it for 4 years now i think? maybe 3.

anyways, still lasts great! theres nothing wrong with it, so im not selling it because its messed up lol.

but when i first bought it i got it for just over $700 i think…maybe $800.

oh well, im looking to get $400 or best offer, comes with lots of goodies!

-ive got all the original satuff it came with, like battery, recharger and another connector that allows you to hook your camera up to the charger so you dont have to capture off the battery!
-Theres a case
-fire wire cable
-6 foot tall tri-pod
-and a fisheye
-and some dv tapes i can part with

if anyones interested ill post up some pics of everything.

later guys!

What size of lens?

forgot to mention that the lens is macor, so you can zoom with the fisheye without it getting distorted.

heres some pics.




hot much for just the camera?


And how much for just the lens?

Yeah thats what I wanted to know…and what size.

Yeah, he probably got that impression when you said this:

sorry man, i forgot to post this link

tells you everything about the lens, but im not parting out anything

would you sell the tripod separately?

not parting anything out

oh ok