feeler onza muni

I have an 05 (06?) onza muni for sale; with the KH/onza hub

this thing has like 15 rides on it tops.

everything is pretty much stock except for a few things

it has a thomson seatpost (comes with a few other seatposts
it has a kris holm rail adapter
a kris holm gel seat.
and a magura HS33 brake.

also comes with a spare seat+cover minus the most of the foam (i tried to cut it myself and it didn’t work out.)

and a miata CF Base

How much and pics? I live in California and have been wanting a muni.

10$ sold!!!

I MIGHT be interested. how much would it cost? whats the crank length?

$320 less if you can pick it up.

ill try to get pics up.

shoot me some offers.

I dont know, that seems a bit much. Id rather just buy it stock for 300 and skip out on all the upgrades. Im lookin more around 200, if that, since im not sure i would ride muni that often.

it’s not 300 stock but w/e

Oh snap! I could have sworn i saw it for 300 no more than a month ago.:o


$405 stock

How long are the cranks? Is the saddle the KH Freeride? Can you put up some pictures please? And why are you selling it?


saddle is a kh gel fusion, it is soft and low profile, but no cut. cranks are 165. pictures comming.

I’m selling because i am saving for a car and never see myself going to muni again

PM sent.

Seriously, guys, this is one of the sweetest invisible unicycles I’ve ever seen.

GhettoSmurf, no sign of those pics yet? Tomorrow’s been a long week so far :smiley:

John M



goat not included

PM sent

John M

For what it is worth, I own this same uni (stock and without the brake). I absolutely love it! I belive it is lighter than the Qu-Ax and it is very strong. If you need a top-of-the-line 24" MUni, this one will not let you down.

Still for sale?

Sorry, strictlyone, it’s on its way to me now. I’ll take good care of it for you, though.

John M