Feeler: Ontario Unitourists Club

I have noticed a real concentration (on the forums) of unicyclists in Ontario, matched only by maybe Calfornia. Many of us are experienced or budding long distance 36 riders. I was wondering who would be interested in joining a club that meets annually (possibly more frequently) for a long weekend (always unsupported, unless people objected) tour somewhere here in Ontario. Of course, the route and everything could be decided mutually on here, and we could have a few workhourse bikers to carry our luggage.

Any interested?

I don’t even have a 36er and I’m interested. If this ever comes together, count me in :smiley:

Well, as I said in the PMs, I’m definitely interested.

I like unicycling.

I can’t really commit to much right now, I need to focus on the Ottawa unicyclists, and I’m not gonna be around much in the Summer.

Plus I’m gonna be in 'Nam, doing some touring!

i would be very interested

Although I live a few hours away, (Michigan), I’d be very interested in the Toronto tours.

I’d be interested.

Very cool. Even if the first ride was just a few of us, like any uni annual event, it would gain popularity. Anyone know of any great 2-3 day one way rides in Ontario?

My initial thought was Toronto to Niagara Falls.

I like the sound of that. I was just riding at the Falls today with my KH20 and thinking, this would be awesome to ride with a 36.

it is

I would be interested for an annual event.
Going to Niagara Falls on a 36ers sounds awesome to me.

Well that seems like a reasonable amount of support. I really want to take some steps to make this official. I guess the logical thing to do would be to shop around for a cheap domain to post information on rides and members. Brian: You would be a good resource for this, no? I could probably afford a reasonable monthly rate as I wouldn’t need all that much bandwidth. Any suggestions?