Feeler: Online Unicycle Video Compition?

I could be a judge if you’re looking for judges. In any case, before asking for submissions you’ll have to decide and publish your judging criteria. What will they be judged on, as far as weighting riding skill vs. editing vs. storyline vs. lighting, sound, special effects, etc.

I have some videos I shot in 1999-2000. One of these days I’ve got to do something with them… I’ll add it to my list.

i would be in

john, I cant PM you, but what would you be interested in judging? I was thinking of asking you before you came knocking :). Would you like to judge MUni?

Im currently working on rules and catagories. There are alot! Some will be removed if there is nobody in it. Ill also get a percent breakup of whats worth what.

John-where did you PM button go???

yea im in. we should make it an entire forum competition though, like everyone goes against everyone. maybe a flowchart liek you said would work best. i dont think we should confine styles, but there should be time restraints for sure. im definitley in for that, i have so much new stuff i havent showed so lets do it.

oh and there shouldnt be jsut a few select judges…the viewers should decide, theyre the ones watching, and their opinions count more.

do you guys think 5 min 30 sec is a good max time and 1 min 30 is a good minimum?

you have to confine styles. you just cannot compare trials to freestyle. It doesn’t work.

We also need judges to pick the top 5 or 10 in each catagory. If only 5 or 10 videos get submitted we dont need judges

maybe…but like i feel if someone is confident that their video can win, then they shouldnt care…like i would go up against any trials, street, or freestyle rider. my opinion though, only reason is cuz people dont really share styles…no one does really just freestyle/flatland videos anymore like me, lol. i think 3:30 should be minimum and 5:00 should be max.

holla at me

Well, there is a catagory for Community Choice. This is between all the vids and is decided by the community!

Sounds good im in maybe if it works. Would it be 1 rider per vid or multiple

Just wait… :sunglasses:

Haha I could say somthing not so nice hehe:D

im In!

I’m in!

I might do it.

Does anyone else think this is kinda creepy?

Yeah im in so long as you give us a fair amount of time to put the vid together - like a month or something.

I wouldnt mind being a judge, it sounds like a cool idea. I’m not in by the way.

I will do it for shore, will there be a time limmit on the movies?

Call me old, but nobody can PM me. What’s wrong with email, and how come nobody can figure out my email address is at the bottom of every post? :slight_smile:

Uh, in other words, I choose not to receive PMs from the forum community; it’s an option you can turn on or off.

Sure, I can judge MUni or any other category. Why just MUni? I’m very good at watching! But as mentioned above, nobody can judge anything until you set the judging criteria. Also this would help anyone who hasn’t already made a video.

For time, I would limit the length, but not require a minimum length. There might be some fun clips out there that are just short. Not having a minimum would allow me to enter some of the little clips I’ve taken with my digital camera. Most aren’t that great (or big, or hig-res), but a few are real gems.

i really think there shouldnt be set judges. that gives no one any power, except for like 5 people. thats not right when like 100 people watch the vid. that’d be like a 19:1 ratio for people not having any say in whose was better. thats like taking a census and only polling 100 kids out of 2000…its not accurate. i dont think there should realyl be too many rules really. just a 3 minute minimum and 5 minute maxinmum…anythign goes and anyone can compete, that’d be cool. by the way mikey you should be in…youre amazing man, ive told you before.