Feeler: Online Unicycle Video Compition?

Would people like to have one and be willing to make and submit videos? The format wouldn’t matter at all, as long as they are downloadable.

So, whos interested?

i think that’s an awesome idea. it would really let people show off their unicycling and movie making talents. it would be good to have different divisions for different types of riding.

Of course. If there were enough entries, it would be devided by type and skill level. I would probably have a panel of judges get the top 5 or so and then get the rest of unicyclist to choose the winner. Many awards are possible! Best bail? Most entertainment value? Stuff like that.

I’d partisipate for sure.

awesome! who else would be in? anyone can participate no matter your skill level or riding type.

me… I’m finishing a video in a month or two…

I suck at editing though, myabe I can find a friend who knows hos :roll_eyes:

Heh, I dont think editing would be worth a lot. I dont like fancy wipes or anything, they look so amature. I mean, whats the last time you saw a professional made movie with a star wipe? Never.

Best editing might get an award if one really stands out.

I Am In!

i’m probably in!

I’m 90% sure spencer will do it. I’m not him though…

Count me in!

I’ve never made a unicycling video before, but I’ll try my best.

Lets do it then! Im thinking of doing it with this flowchart.

Videos Get Submitted -> Videos get sorted and nominated for whatever awards -> the judge(s) for that award looks at all the videos nominated for that award and chooses the top 5 -> All the judges vote for the judges pick (If this is a minor award, like best bail, the process stops here) -> The top 5 are put into an RSU poll and the community votes for the community pick!

Ill be calling around for judges soon. Anyone interested in competing is asked to post here saying that they are interested. Please don’t ask to be a judge at this point. I will create a thread if I need more judges as I need them.

Lets get this thing a’going!

That sound like a cool idea. You could catagorize it forever, i.e., callout vids section, best trials vids, street vids, bail vids, ect. They’re not really necessary, but the minumum catagories I would make is Begginer, middle, and expert ones (for video making experience , not riding). you could also have a Windows Movie maker class; only vids using windows movie maker in place of begginers or something. there are tons of possibilities! I would definatly be interested.:slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Question is this going to be a one-time thing or a website?

flowcharts are lame.

play it by ear.

I would, but I have a pulled rib at the moment and i’m going to try and film stuff for Shauns video anyway, so It’ll be longer untill I’ll be able to make another video.

One time thing. Might evolve into a yearly thing.

Shove all your stuff for shawns video together with some other stuff made this year. This will be a 2006 compition, so all videos and clips made in 2006 are fair game. You will see the requirements when the rules come out.

However, if you have already released a vid and try and resubmit it, it might lose votes just because it is old stuff and we’ve all seen it.

well, then you end up with a bunch of vids and no way to deal with them.