FEELER: Nimbus Trials wheelset

Would anybody be interested in a nimbus trials wheelset? no cranks or tyre I’m afraid
If anybody wants pictures i’ll take some, make offers if you want
I’ll also throw in a K1 luxury saddle without bumpers and maybe some kris holm rollo discs with the bolts :slight_smile:
make offers.

lets see a picture and I will make an offer

I’m having some trouble with my new wheelset at the moment, so I’m currently still running this one, when i get the bolts sorted for my new wheelset I’ll stick some pictures up, however now that I’ve had it out the frame, it really is in rather bad condition, one bearing is covered in rust, there are little metal shavings from either the spoke or the nipple all along the inside of the rim, the spokes are all loose and it’s a bit out of true.
Also Im not sure whether shipping it to washington would be cost effective for you.
not trying to put you off here, more trying to give you all the details so you can make a more informed decision :slight_smile:

I’ll go take some pictures now, but im thinking of using this wheel to learn to true my wheel on, so i might not sell, sorry.