[feeler] nimbus 36 parts

I’m thinking about buying the nimbus 36 special edition but just for the rim, tire and tube, is there anyone that would be interested in the hub/cranks, and frame/steapost/seat?

If anyone would be interested in any of those parts let me know.

I’m interested in the hub and cranks. whats your price?

I’d take the frame.
Perhaps we could even work out a trade if you want my radial frame.

40 for the hub and cranks,

105 for the frame with the clamp,

40 for the seat and post.

15 for the spokes if I can get them seperated without damaging them.

hub and cranks are as good as sold to me. please 125 or 127mm cranks if possible.

As far as I know it only comes with prowheel 150’s, and unfortunatly I sold my set of 125’s already.

If you want any of the parts then pm me and we can work things out. Also if people don’t speak up quick those prices will change by monday.

If I get money I’ve already PM’d you, and they will be sold.

Mainly interested in the frame, seatpost, seat, clamp, and spokes.

sorry, I already have 150’s…thanks though :slight_smile:

I’ll take the hub and cranks.

would like frame. PM for details

I ordered it yesterday so when I get the set up I will start pming people, right now I’m really busy anyways so I don’t have the time to deal with it.

Ok so I have the whole uni and it cost a crapload to get into Canada, so I’m probably going to keep most of it. I do however have an oldschool coker frame, hub and the cranks that came with the Nimbus coker that I don’t need.

So make me an offer on that stuff or the Nimbus frame and seatpost (together) if you want any of it.

What kind of cranks are they?

If the cranks are 125mm, black, alloy, and zero-q, I’d love them.

I’m afraid the cranks are quite the opposite, 152, chrome, loads of q, they are the pro-wheel ones so they are alloy which is nice.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hey Nate, PM me and let me know how much of this stuff is left. I am trying to build a 36" in preperation for RTL.