(FEELER) Nimbus 24" W/KH Moment Cranks

I’m just trying to get an idea if anyone is interested in a used Nimbus 24" muni.
It’s 2 years old, but I only used it for about a year and then got a KH muni. It’s just been sitting around since then.
I’d like to get $225 CAD if possible. Shipping would be buyer’s expense, but I’ll ship wherever it needs to go.

It’s in good condition except for the usual scratches and scrapes. There’s also a small tear in the seat fabric.

I’m saving up for a Schlumpf, so I just want to sell it.
Posting pics is taking too long, so I’ll do another post with some.


I am possibly interested, what is the seatpost length? also any idea how much shipping would be?

I’m pretty short so I had to cut the seat post. It’s nearly 10.5 inches from the base to the tip.
Not sure about the shipping, where are you located? I’ll check the price.
I forgot to mention that I’ll also be including a copy of “one tired guy” dvd with the sale of this uni.

Price dropped to $200 plus shipping