Feeler: New Nimbus Oracle 24" Frame

Just got a Oracle 24" , I was wondering if anyone would be interested in just the frame.

I want to use my old KH 24 frame because it has the gliding noodles.

I’m thinking $110 shipped, you would have to purchase a d-break for it.

Could add post for $10

With shipping?

He said $110 shipped.

Pm sent

Since a few people have shown interest i am going to switch the frames and make sure i like the oracle with kh frame. I will update when I decide if i want to sell it for sure. Thanks!

Ill buy either one

Cool, $125 shipped, with post clamp and bearing holder (left from KH frame)

here’s a pic with the KH frame :slight_smile:

The nimbus is lighter, but I need my noodles!

pm me