Feeler: Muni Parts

I was thinking about building a custom muni, but I need parts. Here’s a list of what I’m looking for:

24 frame (nimbus or kh)
good saddle (nimbus or kh)
seat post
24 wheel set with ISIS hub (if no one has this, I could get the rim, hub, etc)
150 moments
muni tire (Duro, etc)

I might have a 24X2.6 Kenda Kinetics tire for you, it almost brand new. I’ll PM you tonight if your interested, I’ll have to find a price because still I dont know how much it worth.

oh and I’m only looking for parts in Southern California. (My dad doesn’t want to pay shipping and wants to check it’s condition before purchasing.) :frowning:

I might look into complete unis as well…

By the time you deal with finding and shipping individual parts, you’ll have more money into your “custom” uni that it would cost to buy a complete.

For example: KH rim ($80), Nipples ($15), Spokes ($55), Hub (used $50), Frame (used $50), Seat (used $30-40), seat post and clamp (used $20-50), tire/tube/rim liner (used $40), cranks ($40-50), pedals ($10-20).

Total: ~$400.

I have a Nimbus 24 Muni, custom wheel build, all Nimbus otherwise but with upgraded cranks, new it would run ~$350 plus shipping, I’m asking $250 plus shipping.

You could probably find a used KH 24" for less than $400, I got one for my son for $350 locally.

Show your dad my email, it’s not rocket science. Buy local if you get new.

well, there aren’t any other unicyclists in my community that I know of. I don’t know any place I can get a uni except online

I’m interested in the nimbus. Could you send pics with the dates?

Try here…09' Nimbus Muni 24", 09 26" Nimbus Muni frame, misc stuff

I would guess this is the Muni, since he has all his merch lined up with the uni, I would guess that the picture had been taken in order to sell the unicycle. I guess if you want to verify as to when these pictures were taken, ask if the pictures were taken for the sale of the Muni.

is it still for sale?

that was a stupid question.

If I got the nimbus in the pic with moments, how much would that be?