[FEELER] Maybe Selling Used Koxx 1 Trials Wheelset

I’ve had this baby for about a year and a half now and I think it’s time we said goodbye.

I just had the spokes tensioned and a few replaced.

It’s got a DX32 rim, Koxx 1 trials hub and 2 Koxx 1 solid aluminium cranks. Not sure about the spokes, but they costed me more than I would have liked.

Nothing’s for certain just yet, I’m awaiting a new wheel from a competing company.

I would be happy to throw in a standard square crowned chrome frame, standard seat post and a viscount or UDC gel saddle.

What sort of prices should I be looking at?

Note: One crank is loose, I am going to replace it, however, the replacement crank had a problem with the pedal thread falling out. My source tells me that he has fixed the problem, but just to watch it anyway.

Yeah. So how much money do you want to give me?!

Keep in mind I’m not definately selling it.

Keep it wheel,


i might pay around 75% of its original(new) price…

depends on what it weighs and how strong it is, if you might be willing to part with it for that ill look into the overall quality…ah yes and ill need pictures…:stuck_out_tongue: