(Feeler) Koxx Trials Wheelset(s)

Hey, I’ve got a thread going in Just Conversation concerning Koxx trials wheelsets. I was wondering if anyone was interested. They’re Worth around $170 USD according to the Koxx website. If anyone’s interested in buying one (or more), I’d sell and ship them for a total of $120. So… you’d save $50 on a professional level wheelset that’s never been touched.



  • 36 Holes
  • 100mm Wide (Bearing Center - Center)
  • 22mm ISIS Axle
  • Incl. Bolts, Spacers and Bearings
  • Bearings - Wide: 12mm / OD:42mm
  • 47mm Wide !
  • 19 Inch - fit for all 20 x 2.5 Inch Trials tires
  • 36 Holes
  • Braking Surface
  • Aluminium
  • Black, Blue, Red, Gold or White


Yes indeed :slight_smile:

So when is this going to happen?

Well… whenever I get confirmation that someone will buy one. Hopefully more than one person will want one… that will make things easier. PM me if you’re interested.

Are the hubs the koxx-one “light” hubs or standard? Rimstrip included?

With coke… keep it on the down low.

i have this exact wheelset :slight_smile: (this is a nice wheel btw)

no cranks?

I might be interested.

NOOO! Ah, the offer ended. I’m sorry. Man, I didn’t even get myself one… Oh well. Once again, I’m sorry. I guess I’ll close the thread.