Feeler: KH20 Trials Uni


So I have a feeler for my 07 KH20. I’ve ordered a Nimbus 24" Muni, and wouldn’t mind having a matching Nimbus 19" Trials. You can think i’m crazy, just don’t complain.


05 KH20 frame stripped
07 KH20 Wheel, 137mm cranks, got it tuned up recently, all working order. Very light scratches.
Luna Tire, not very worn at all, quite new.
Wellgo Pedals, very grippy. White.
KH Fusion Saddle, trimmed foam, with a slight split, nice for riding and SIF. Orange and black
Double bolt seatpost clamp
Kris Holm Seatpost

This is a very strong, and light setup.

I was kinda thinking like $475 OBO and you pay shipping.

Remember this is a feeler…


I would just keep it isaac, nobody is going to pay 475 when they can get a brand new one from AE Bike for 415.

I think you are crazy :wink:

They’re $499.99 from AE Bikes…


Plus with this you get a stripped frame :wink:

dude. how many times are you going to ALMOST sell your uni.

edit: and its an 05 frame.

You email them and they give you the special discount. They have to show that price or else UDC gets mad. $442 from cellar bikes.

why are you selling?

lol, I know it’s an 05 frame, did you even read the specs?

I want matching unis :stuck_out_tongue:

And people, don’t tell me not to sell it just because I want matching unis…I’m just interesting I guess :roll_eyes:

where are you going to buy your nimbus??

sorry I know it’s off topic


are you interested in my uni?

gonna make people believe its an 07.

and this thing is WAYYYYYY over priced.

like no joke.

oh my gosh, stop telling me this stuff. Your such a pain. And when I think something is for sale, the main thing is the wheel so I would say it’s an 07 KH20, and why would someone care if the frame is 2 years older?

most likely cause the frame is 2 years old…

I never new Isaac has such a fation sense :roll_eyes: , matching unis, wow.

Why not buy a kh24 and strip the frame?

lol, well…yeah I like stuff to match. And I am too cheap to buy a 07 KH24 and strip that frame too…

This nigga’ is cray-zee. Is is that important to have matching unis? You’ve got way to much money at 14 to be worrying about your 500$ unicycles matching.


my uni matches;)


i would take this for 300 max

not for me my friend becuase he has 300