[FEELER] KH20 Longneck Complete

Thinking about selling my KH20 Longneck. Practically new, I cut about 1 1/2 off of the top of the frame since im so short.

Need money for christmas so if someone offers the right price ill let it go, ship the same day if money clears. Pay via PayPal. Located in Southern Maryland.

lol why the hell di you buy thing if your sellin it already?

I have another one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be in SOMD next month. I’ll check it out and consider, if you still have it then.

you have tow kh unis?

Again? :frowning:

how much?

Just PM me a price, and no im not done riding! I still have another! I bought two so my friends could learn to ride. But im broke before christmas and thats bad!

That’s a great longneak. I won’t buy it but I’m sure someone will soon.

I’ll buy it

I can offer $300 but thats as high as I can go in my opinion that is a very beautyful unicycle and If it were mine I would never sell it. hope to hear from you soon

Don’t hope too hard, this listing was posted before Christmas last year. But you never know.

I never checked the date on the post I aint to good with computers do to the fact that I grew up in a small town in Vermont. If you find anyone willing to sell a KH20 trials or longneck for around $300 please let me know. I noticed your from CA I have a friend who lives over there Terry UNIGEEZER Peterson have you heard of him?

I want the hub, cranks and tyre! ahh! but i need a go pro camera more :frowning: